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Arriving with ‘U Home’ Kori James and RCKY Cardiié team up to give a melodic song that fits the vibe reflecting that of a late night cruise that transitions into a sunrise. As James states in the song “we gone do it right or we gone take it slow… can’t have you being someone that I use to know,” and thankfully they took the time to put passion into the song and it shows.

U Home artworkKori James

Produced by T Surreal & Bastien, you can hear that it was crafted around a central idea of a date night looking to go the distance. Like that date night the intention of this record serves as a fun yet solid start for what Kori James and RCKY Cardiié have in store whether it be another join single or one solo.

“There’s a video of Jay Z circulating the internet right now where he’s speaking to the “knowing” an artist has to have to pursue a career in music. He says, “You have to know…it may not work today or tomorrow…But this is what’s feeding me…and it feels like the right thing.”

Kori James has since been taking calculated risks and each has paid off in his favor and as time passes his career path continues to align with his long term goals. When asked about the formation of his latest musical endeavor, James put into words:

The new record, ‘U Home’, was inspired by my desire for intimacy. We’re living in a time where sex is everywhere and intimacy is rare. My co-writer, Rcky Cardiié, and I wanted to speak to what building intimacy looks like. It’s date nights. It’s car rides just talking. It’s in fighting temptation to really get to know the soul of a person. While I’m definitely sex positive (you know from my short lived OnlyFans account) I believe being valued trumps being desired. That brief chapter in my life made me question what I really wanted, and inspired me to move with more intention to get the things I want. I hope ‘U Home’ does the same.”

Knowing his worth after taking a big leap forward, the now Los Angeles living singer-producer had to endure a period of growth that we all tend to learn is unescapable.

“This just can’t be life. I can’t do this anymore.” I’d seen how my music resonated with, and connected people. Knowing that validated the urge I had to just jump. The next month, I was gone! Scared and all!

Adding to that James opens up about his inner shift and why the West Coast was destined to be a new start for both himself and his music career.

Kori James

“Relocating to Los Angeles felt like the right thing to do for myself. I’d been in Atlanta for 11 years balancing my corporate gig and making music, and like most creatives in corporate, it was killing me!” James continued to add, “Since relocating, I’ve grown so much as a person. I feel like I’ve reconnected with the parts of me I’d lost throughout the years while also becoming aquatinted with parts of myself I couldn’t see for my previous life. Los Angeles is a high vibrational city that has a way of challenging the core of an artist. There’s so many talented creatives from all over the world here, and to finally be amongst them I feel right at home. Between witnessing people chase their dreams and the views of this beautiful city, I’m always inspired, which has birthed some of the best music of my life.”

Stream ‘U Home’ by Kori James and RCKY Cardiié streaming on all platforms.

This article appears as part of the Genesis Thursday series.

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