VIDEO - My Last Time Fishing This Summer!

In today's video, Joe goes fishing Corte Madera Creek for his last day of summer. Because of school, we might have to cut back on uploads. We will still be trying our very best to get Monday, Friday, and possibly Wednesday uploads for you guys but our main focus is on getting off to a good start for school.

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JZFishing was created in December of 2019 by a group of three teenagers all with a passion for fishing! Over the past couple of years, we have committed to building a community where we are motivated to share our experiences with others. Joe the oldest member of the group is a very optimistic outdoorsman with the most experience in stingray fishing. Joe loves to spend his fishing trips in the saltwater especially when on a boat. Zach the second oldest member is also a pro stingray fisherman and also enjoys a good day in the salt catching the biggest fish possible. Jack the youngest member is the fly fisherman of the group and freshwater master. Jack enjoys spending his days fishing saltwater with the other two but he really shines on the river with a light fly fishing setup!

San Francisco, CA

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