AI Imitation of Voices Being Used to Scam Families and Cause Terror


***This is a true story, retold with permission***
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AI or artificial intelligence is all the rage currently. It has been making its presence felt for years. It is a fluid part of technology and is steadily becoming better and better. At present, it has taken on an almost human persona that is as frightening as it is amazing.

For years those with criminal minds and intentions have been using AI to terrorize and scam the general public out of their hard-earned cash. The better and more widespread AI becomes, the more it is being used for evil.

One night my cousin's father was awakened by the harsh ringing of his phone, upon answering he heard the voice of his daughter crying on the line saying, "Daddy, please pay the money or these men will kill me!" In absolute terror and panic he tried to get more information from his daughter, but to add to his terror the voice on the phone was quickly replaced by an unknown male voice barking instructions on where and how to send the money.

He was so terrified; he sent the money and was scammed out of $2,000 US dollars.

Since he does not reside in the same household as his grown daughter, he had no way of knowing if this was true or not. In his fright, he did not take the time to call his daughter's phone but simply complied with the demands of the stranger on the phone.

After he had some time to think, he called his grown daughter in her mid-twenties was in her own home asleep, and came to the painful realization that he had just been scammed out of two grand.

Unfortunately, in our current times, this is not an isolated incident, in today's world this type of scam has become all too common. Recently on the news a mother was awakened with what she thought was her daughter's voice begging her to pay the ransom. The quick-thinking mom decided to call her daughter and realized she was okay and did not fall for the scam.

This is not always the case and too many people are being scammed out of their money due to thieves using their voice simulated from their social media posts to terrorize their loving old grandmas into giving up their life savings believing they are saving the lives of their grandkids.


Have you had an experience where AI was used in an attempt to steal from you?

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