A Friend set me up at work then soon after she accidentally sent x-rated pics to management and was fired (Opinion)


***This is a true story, experienced by the author***

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My friend accidentally sent adult content to her bosses and promptly got fired.

We are both nurses and last year we were working full-time second jobs. We worked at the same primary job but in different departments.

At both gigs, I am the House Supervisor.

I knew her from our other job, but when we began to spend more time together, we naturally became closer. She was juggling many balls in the air. In an effort to help her, I would often cover for her allowing her to get some sleep, especially on the weekends when upper management was not around.

I would care for her patients by giving her some time to rest. Several months went by and all was fine. Then about one year into the new job, my boss began acting a little distant. We had been very close before and since I worked the day shift, she would have me in her office way longer than I needed to be. I would literally have to find excuses to escape. I had my own work to do.

So, when she came in to see me one day on her day off, I was perplexed.

She called me into her office saying she needed to speak to me. She accused me of laughing at her, I was very surprised. She went on to say I laughed at her when she came through the door. I was on the phone and perhaps I was laughing but not at my boss.

Though my boss has one of her legs shorter than the other I never found it to be a laughing matter. We are all nurses and as such our primary instinct is to care for and be empathetic to each other and to the patients we serve.

Keep in mind I had been working with this woman for over a year by this time and had gotten to the point where I never even noticed her disability. She is an intelligent woman whom I admired and saw as a mentor. A woman I grew to love.

I never cared if she had a disability. I was so hurt and disappointed in my boss. This was a woman who confided in me.

Life became a little tense with my boss and me. Our relationship was never the same after that.

Time passed; the relationship stayed strained. Soon the company reminded us we could only carry a finite amount of PTO into the new year. I had never taken any time off so I needed to burn some quickly or I would lose most of it.

I requested time off from my boss and she gave me a verbal okay.

To make a long story short, I found coverage for my shift, then my boss denied that she gave me a verbal ok. Because I did not have the proof in writing, I was left with an egg on my face. My boss then called a meeting with her friend from human resources. I was accused of intent to mismanage company funds by utilizing an agency nurse to cover my shift and I would receive a written warning.

Since I am an ER nurse and a House Supervisor, I needed a specialized nurse to cover me for the days I would be on vacation. The same agency nurse who was trained and one we used all the time as coverage.

Now all of a sudden, she was persona non grata because I needed her to cover my shifts.

After that ambush, I made the painful decision to quit and I stayed up until midnight drafting my letter of resignation.

After I left my friend assumed my role as House Supervisor. Though she had no experience as an ER nurse which was a criterion. She was never trained in my role and she slipped right into my seat without issues.

She was seen sipping coffee in my former boss’s office and cozying up to her. In the past we spoke every day, suddenly she was the new House Supervisor and did not call me anymore.

I heard through the grapevine she had conversations with our boss about several of us. Two other persons were fired as a result of her faulty reporting.

Though I never made fun of my boss and especially not of her disability.

To make matters worse, I never got paid for my PTO.

I was upset, but I quickly moved on.

About one month later, my old co-worker called to tell me she was fired. Recall that I had not heard from her since I quit the job. I was shocked!

“What happened”? I asked.

She happened to be watching a porn video while at work. She tried sharing the video with a friend who was also on company time. Unfortunately, she accidentally shared the porn on a group text. It was sent to several co-workers including upper management in error.

Imagine the shock when they opened their text to find lewd and unprofessional info, and all of it done on the company dime. She was swiftly escorted out of the building along with another co-worker, her partner in crime.

We are no longer friends, we say hi when we pass each other at the other job, but the budding friendship is gone.

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Always correspond with workplace issues in writing. If I had gotten my boss's permission in writing she could not have retracted it later.

Do not be quick to trust co-workers. Especially if you have a position they wish for. Though they may not have the necessary expertise, they will not think twice before undermining you.

Be mindful of the ways in which your peers communicate with other co-workers. If their communication pattern is always negative, it may be wise to keep them at arm's length.

Realize that some people have no qualms about climbing on the backs of others on their way up the ladder.

Exercise caution when dealing with all people, until they have proven themselves worthy of your time and your loyalty.

People sometimes pretend to be your friend but that friendship is one-sided and only cultivated to serve their own interests.

Be vigilant and always be careful.


Do share your experiences and feel free to comment. Thank you.

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