Is Time up for Tik Tok?

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Mr. Shou Chew was placed on the hot seat and if lawmakers have their way, Tik Tock time is ticking. Currently accused of spreading misinformation during and after the pandemic about the efficacy and life-saving efforts of the COVID-19 vaccines. Violent gun violent videos left on the website thought Tik Tock says it is committed to removing violent and extremist content.

Lawmakers were unable to get a definitive answer on the relationship between Mr. Chou and the tight arm of the Chinese government which seems to have Tik Tock in its grip. They pointed out to filed research that Tik Tock is co-owned by Bytedance a communist community that sent an internal memo asking the executives and employees to downplay the tight fist of its communist ownership.

My Chou seemed stressed and a bit in over his head during much of the grilling.

The product has inordinate power to share whatever news or information the AI deems necessary and with that lies the danger... In the hands of the Chinese government, it has the ability to influence the people of the world to do great harm to themselves and each other, and the propensity to create world chaos is a very real and frightening possibility.

As related Mr. Fulcher pointed to the darkness within human nature and with such a powerful tool in the wrong hands, we are all at peril.

From a parental standpoint, the concerns are:

1. Hashtags point to the sale of deadly drugs that teens and others may easily access

2. Parents are afraid that their kids are at risk while using that platform.

3. Araid of ease of contact from 'others' using the platform to target kids and vulnerable people.

4. China refuses to allow its citizens to use Tik Tock but it has found a home in America -- Frightening.

5. Tik Tock's algorithm serves up videos on adult and inappropriate content including but not limited to sex and drug use.

Tik Tock promises the user virality and quick fame an intoxicating combination. Who can resist?

Mr. Shou says his company is doing as "much as it can" to remove and prevent such content, but is that enough? This app targets the young. "Attempting to remove the content" is that good enough? Share your thoughts.

Should Tik Tock be sold and owned by American ownership? Please share any thoughts or concerns with us...

Share your concerns from a parental point of view and from a national security point of view.

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