A woman had an out-of-body experience when she died during mommy-makeover surgery


***This story was told to me by the person who lived it, Retold with her permission***

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My friend is an older woms the mother of five children. She is a nurse. She has spent her best years rearing her kids and caring for others. By the time she was in her mid-fifties, she decided she wanted a mommy makeover to feel her best again.

She decided to go under the knife and get her mojo back.

She checked into the hospital to have her procedure, feeling so happy and gleeful. She said goodbye to her family and surrendered herself to the care of the healthcare staff. Prep procedures were done, she was put to sleep and that was when the magic happened...

At some point, my friend recalls being awake. She was up in the room and she realized that though she was standing she was also lying on the bed. In detachment, she is watching doctors frantically work on her body. She is a nurse herself, so she understands what is going on and begins to understand that she is either dead or dying. But she feels no real concern for herself. She stood there watching for a few moments and sees that the body on the bed does respond, she finds herself thinking vaguely of her husband and her daughter waiting for her after the surgery. As soon as the thought enters her head, she is in the waiting room with them. They sit there waiting unaware of the chaos ensuing back in the operating room.

She tries to speak to them, but they cannot seem to hear them.

Suddenly she is pulled upward and finds herself going through the roof toward the ceiling. She is outside of the huge hospital complex and floating down the streets. She floats around the downtown area watching the buildings in awe as she passes by.

Then... she suddenly sped toward the hospital and into her body with a jolt.

The next time she is conscious, she is intubated and cannot speak. She goes in and out of consciousness for how long she does not know.

When she is taken off the breathing machine and becomes well enough to understand, she is told she suffered a cardiac event during the surgery and has suffered a brain injury, i.e., a stroke. She had flatlined and had to be resuscitated.

She spends the next two years in physical therapy learning to speak and walk again like a toddler. Everywhere she went she had to be accompanied by a family member.

She eventually recovered but says she now knows without a shadow of a doubt that there is more to us than meets the eye and that our consciousness does go on.

Without a doubt, there was a separate part of her that was conscious and aware, she saw and heard all that was going on and some part of her went through the roof of the hospital and was outside. At all times she was present and aware of who she was.

This is her experience.


What are your thoughts on the afterlife? Do you believe there is life after death? Do you have a story to share?

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