A husband goes to jail after fighting his lover's boyfriend when he should have been at work: His wife bails him out


***This is a true story, told by the person who lived it. Retold with permission. No Identifying information was used to protect the parties involved***

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One day I walked into my place of work and as soon as the previous shift left, my co-worker and friend burst into an uncontrollable fit of crying. She actually began weeping as I tried without success to inquire whatever the problem could be.

What is wrong? I kept asking her, becoming more and more perplexed and concerned. I knew she battled breast cancer twice already and I was quite afraid that her cancer had returned.

She continued weeping and wailing as I continued trying to find out what was wrong. Between gulps and after some considerable time, she composed herself to the point where she could speak. She told me her husband was arrested the previous night for fighting.

In shock, I asked her what happened and why he would be in a fight.

This is her story.

Her husband of twenty years, she learned was cheating on her. She said previously she had had her suspicions due to a number of clues that occurred over time. She lost a couple of pieces of her jewelry but had not invited any of her friends to her home in years as she was always too busy working. There were other small clues where she says she believed the other woman had been to her home and even laid in her bed, but whenever she brought up her suspicions to her husband, he made her feel like she was crazy.

Now she was called from work the evening before to go bail him as he was in a fight at the woman's house and got arrested.

He had gone to his mistress home and found her lover there. She refused to let him in, so he pushed his way inside and a fight broke out between the two men. As my friend's husband was on a break from work and driving a company vehicle. While he was supposed to be on the job, he was parked outside his girlfriend's home cheating on his wife. Not only was he arrested, but he lost his job too.

He was too embarrassed to call his wife, he called his sister with his single phone call from jail, then she called his wife to bail him out to the tune of $20,000. His dutiful wife went to bail him out of jail.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg...


What would you have done?

Would you pay your money to bail him out? Would you stay in that relationship?

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