An adopted daughter strangles her mother over her inheritance


***This story was told to me by a trusted source and is retold with permission***
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A teacher once told me people will always bite the hand that feeds them!

I have lived long enough to witness the truth in those words. Sometimes we meet people who are in certain life situations, and out of the kindness of our hearts, we make a decision to help their circumstances. We try to do the right thing and, in the process, we hope to pay the good deeds forward, but often what we end up doing is inviting pure evil into our lives.

In this story, this woman though once married never had any children of her own. Somehow that was never in the cards for her. Her marriage was extremely successful, lasted many years and they were financially successful.

Unfortunately, life has its hills and valleys and her husband died from cancer. The lady was left to continue her journey alone. She did not have many close relatives and by that time, everyone was raising their own families and did not have much time for her.

Eventually, as she got older, she needed the help of a helper to assist with the heavy chores and to drive her to her doctor's appointments. So, she hired a young woman and they got along splendidly. Their working relationship evolved into a friendship and the older lady thought the younger had her best interest at heart.

The younger was not as financially well off as the older woman, so one day the older told her friend that since she had no children and no close family, she had thought long and hard and decided to leave her possessions to her when she died. The younger woman appeared to be very happy.

But over the course of time, the young woman became dissatisfied that the older woman was perhaps not dying fast enough. She was anxious to get her hands on her 'inheritance'. So, a plan was concocted. She paid a young man to help her kill her benefactor. Together they strangled and cut the older woman's throat and tossed her items to make it appear like she was robbed. The police eventually figured out the truth and under pressure, she confessed to her terrible deed. She is currently imprisoned and the inheritance went to the victim's distant relatives.

She could not wait to receive the inheritance, took matters into her own hands, and now would not get a single dime of it.

The elderly lady hoped to help secure the young one's future and instead invited evil into her life.


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