Do you believe in karma? (Opinion)

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A few years ago, when COVID was at its zenith, my friend had a most unpleasant encounter with a surgeon at her facility. Sadly, this was not her first such encounter and sadly will probably not be her last.

But here is her experience.

As an emergency room staff member, she was part of the front liners in the COVID fight. Initially, she was tasked with helping to screen all who came into the facility. On this particular day, she was upfront and screening when the doctor came through the door.

It is difficult to know everyone who works there, so she does not know him, and he does not know her. When the surgeon came in with his mask under his neck, I reminded him to please pull it up.

He ignored her and kept walking. She got up from her post and followed him into the building repeating her request. By this time, he was actually by the main reception desk where at least three other employees are seated.

He looked her up and down with disdain and said “well, I guess black lives do matter!”

This was at the time soon after George Floyd’s death and subsequent marching's and protests around the world were everywhere. The other employees stood there with their mouths open in shock as he rattled a few more disgusting thoughts on his way to the elevator.

My friend simply stood there as she tried to process his tirade and he refused to comply with the protocol of donning his mask.

The fact that she, a black person would dare to remind him to pull his mask over his nose and mouth sent him into spewing this rant. Imagine him being a “learned” man (and the term learned is used very very loosely here), you would think he knew better. Apart from a few melanocyte-producing color cells and some other minor evolutionary traits acquired over lifetimes.

We are more alike than we are different. And biology is biology.

No one of us got to choose the way we present to earth, it’s all a matter of chance!

The fact that this person is a general surgeon and a man who had access to a scalpel and the “colored” flesh of humans each day, those words emanating from his lips were especially disturbing.

If this is the disdain with which he looks upon some life, how then can he do his best for the unconscious sick people in his care?

She took the matter to upper management and received an apology from our CEO. While she appreciated their attempt to make things right, she realized that none of us is responsible for the actions of others beyond childhood.

She never received an apology from Dr. Surgeon.

Karma comes calling.

One bright Saturday she received a code call that there was a staff member down on the operating room floor. She got up there as part of the rapid response team and who/what did she see?

The doctor was barely conscious on the OR floor.

It was found out that he has a problem with substance abuse, and apparently had used an illicit substance the day of the surgery and now was “passed out” on the floor when he is there for the sole purpose of caring for patients.

As he “came to” guess whose melanated face was among the many faces there that day? --- My friend.


There abides in us all the propensity for good as there is for bad. When I first meet people, it is with a clean and clear mind that they get the benefit of doubt.

Everyone gets a chance to prove who they are.

Even when I listen to my intuition and it says “stand clear!” I will quietly social distance, but I will not berate someone based on how much melanin their skin shows. Remember to be mindful of what blessings we send out into the universe concerning others.

Those thoughts have the power to create a reality and you could be creating your own hell when you wish that for someone.

We all err sometimes, but we can repent and send out blessings instead.

A life lived in love is much more fulfilling than one lived in hate and fear.

Choose to always be kind.


Do you believe in Karma? Share your thoughts and stories, please.

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