A husband destroys all his wife's clothes he deems as provocative


***This is a true story, told to me by a trusted source and retold with permission***

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Jealousy is a terrible emotion; it has the potential to destroy everything that can be built. Both the person experiencing the emotion and the party subjected to jealousy are made to be unhappy. A self-assured person usually commands the attention of everyone around them. We love to admire those who demonstrate an overt sense of assuredness; hence some are actually self-assured while others simply act the part.

If we stay around someone long enough, eventually we will begin to notice the chips in their armor. An intimate partner who has no sense of themselves apart from their partner makes life uncomfortably interesting.

This man and woman met and he appeared to be the epitome of the self-assured and confident man. For a time, the woman was fooled. But it was not long before the self-doubts began to appear. A jealous moment here or there.

Soon the man was accusing the woman of acts of indiscretion. Where did she go when she went shopping with family and friends? Whenever she was on the phone, he wanted to know who she was talking to. Then he did not want her to go anywhere without him. She found he was always watching her.

One day the woman ordered some colorful leggings and had them in an unopened package in her car. Before she had a chance to bring her purchases into the home, the man, sneaking around in her car, found them and created the biggest row of her life. He accused her of buying provocative clothing to wear for her lover. So, one day while she was at work, in a fit of anger, he walked into her closet and threw out all her clothing he deemed as 'sexy'.

What would you have done under similar circumstances? Did he have any right to discard her clothing?

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