Woman discovers that her husband is dying but never told her he was infected with HIV


***This is a true story; the parties are known to the author. Told with permission***

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Trust is the glue that holds the bonds of human interaction together. No relationship, interpersonal or intimate, can thrive without trust and respect. When the sacred bond of trust is broken, it becomes impossible for the relationship to move forward.

In a love relationship between two people, trust is a must, for without trust, everything that is built falls to the ground like a tower in the aftermath of a tornado.

A man and a woman were in a committed relationship for many years. Three teenage children later, all seemed to be going well. They had a stable home and both seemed contented. The man strayed from the marriage and had affairs, but the woman remained unaware of his discretions because he took great care to always be present at the home and for his family.

After some time, the woman noticed her husband began acting somewhat unlike himself. He became distant and their relationship began to breed discord. Eventually, the marriage fell completely apart and they divorced. Their children were older and soon after the man moved far away from their home.

More time passed and the two did not see each other. Others began to tell the woman that her former husband looked really ill. The talk also centered around the fact that he had contracted the HIV virus and was really ill. The woman was petrified, she had no idea of any such thing as she felt completely fine. The ex-wife became alarmed and decided to travel to see her ex-husband. She was shocked and speechless at what she saw.

Her ex was so thin and emaciated that it seemed like the slightest breeze could blow him away. She confronted him about the rumors and he reluctantly confessed that he had cheated on her and was HIV positive. He also let on that the reason their marriage had fallen apart was that he felt so guilty when he found out, but he was unable to tell her what he had done. He was afraid of the way she would look at him differently.

The woman was angry, upset, and sad. That was the last time she ever saw her ex-husband again. He died a few years after their final meeting.

She was tested and found out she was HIV positive. This is a true story.


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