The Time A Man's Ears Once Caught Afire and Burned off his Head


***This is a true story as told to me by my mother who witnessed this event, and retold with permission***
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Spirituality seems to be on the rise. These days many of us want to know of and experience things within the spiritual realm. We take time to ponder some big questions, and we want to know if there is more out there.

What happens after we die? Do we have a spirit? Do our souls go on?

With all the things going on in the world, we wonder if we are living in end times. Since COVID came and upended our world, we have begun to really hope that there is more to life than meets the eye.

Such was the case with this particular man. He had a very curious nature, he wanted to know how all things worked. While that is an excellent way to learn and experience life, perhaps we are not meant to know everything!

This man worked with my mother some years ago. He wanted to know what happened in the spiritual world and was curious about the dark arts. He heard about a book based on "the dark art of spirituality" called the "Book of Black Arts".

This book apparently is a book that is widely used by people who study the dark art of spirituality, i.e. how to conjure spells and command the dark spirits. This man was warned that he should not delve into such knowledge without proper understanding, knowledge, teaching, and reverence. This man was a stubborn man and he decided to open the book anyway. So, once he began reading, he soon found that he could not get enough of the words and he could not seem to close the book. It is said he spent the whole night reading until the first light of dawn broke through the night.

He had to prepare for work that day so he tore himself away from the book. But a funny thing happened. He reached his job safely and sat at his desk, soon his ears burst into flames and while he was screaming and running around, they continued to burn.

When the fire was finally put out, it was discovered that both the man's ears had burned off his head. Sounds impossible, but this is a true story.


Have you ever heard of anyone who got in trouble playing with dark magic?

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