A husband asks His Wife to Cook Him a Special Dish, He Later Dumps it in the Kitchen Sink


***This is a true story. Highlighting the many ways human relationships intersect and the ways we interact with each other***

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Jealousy is a dangerous emotion. A dark and dreary emotion that has the propensity to kill and destroy.

A man once asked his significant other to cook one of his favorite dishes.

She happily agreed.

After work that day, she went directly home to grant him his wish. With love and care she prepared the ingredients and made his favorite dish, just the way he liked it. She anticipated that they would have dinner together and later watch one of their favorite shows.

The day promised to end on a good note.

But the man was a very jealous man. He always seemed to be watching and waiting.

When they had first met many many years ago, his self-confidence was one of the many things that had attracted him to her. She thought the world of him. Slowly as time went on, she began to catch glimpses of 'something' else. Glimpses of insecurity. He was not acting at all like the man she had first met.

She thought he was so sure of himself ...

He was so insecure, always questioning her, checking her phone and personal belongings. He would stay on her phone for hours at a time, even when they were at work just to be sure she was not cheating on him. He would text her during the day wanting to know what time she would be home from work.

So that evening while she was preparing his favorite dish, he was outside going over her car with the precision of an investigator 'combing' over a crime scene. Shortly thereafter, he came in to accuse her of things she had no knowledge of and, so began the descent of the relationship into the depths of no return.

Being innocent, she denied all charges.

Instead of listening to her, he became livid. He then took hold of the hot pot she had lovingly prepared and dumped it all into the kitchen sink and ran the tap water all over it...


Do you think this is a relationship worth saving?

Yet she stayed for quite a while longer.

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