A woman gives her child to her sister, but the sister leaves nothing to her in her will


***This is based on a true story***

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Once there was a family that included four daughters. The youngest daughter was the first to marry. She got married very young and soon had several children.

The second oldest child was not married but became the mother of two sons. She was a savvy businesswoman and her significant other was also a man of great wealth. Having all the financial support she possessed, her boys never lacked anything.

The younger sister had several children and because the family was so close, the children frequented each other’s homes at will. Since there was such a close relationship, the young mother thought nothing at first when the sister kept one of her daughters even after the school break was over. The child visited one day and the mother asked her when was she coming home. She replied that she did not know. So, the mother visited her sister who did not live very far away to enquire when the child would be coming home.

These were the days before cell phones and not too many folks could afford a regular telephone.

Her sister then asked her if the child could remain there and live with her since she had no daughters of her own. The younger sister felt compassion and agreed to the proposal especially since she visited often and the child was free to go back and forth.

The years passed and the child enjoyed a good life as she integrated into living with her aunt and her two sons. They even referred to her as their sister.

One day, the aunt died and as she was a wealthy woman there was much anticipation when the will was being read. Everyone expected that she would leave a decent amount of her fortune to her ‘adopted daughter’, the child she asked her sister to raise.

To everyone’s surprise, shock, and disappointment, she left all her fortune to her two boys and spared not a penny for the niece that she raised.


What are your thoughts ... Do you think she was ethical in her decision?

She raised her niece from childhood and yet she left her nothing in her will.

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