Should your friend or family tell you if they knew your spouse was cheating? (Opinion)


If you knew a close friend or family member was cheating on their significant other, are you obligated to tell them?
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A good-looking young man fell in love and married a lovely young woman. They married quite young in their early twenties. Soon they had their first child, then soon their second. The young man was a hard worker and was anxious to be a great partner, parent, and provider.

He was gifted with the use of his hands and with the desire to be a great provider at the forefront of his mind, he decided to accept a job many miles from his home. He asked his family to help support his wife with the two young children as she knew it would be tough with him far away.

He was also aware that his wife’s family, who lived very close, would provide a considerable source of love and support. With this in mind, he bid his family goodbye and left.

It was not long before a few other young men began flirting with his wife. Sadly, she returned some of those advances and began regularly having short-term relationships behind his back. The man’s family, who are also from the same village, lives nearby and is privy to all the happenings in the close-knit family and is unsure what they should do.

Should they tell him or let him find out the truth about his wife on his own?

If you were in this position, what do you think is the right thing to do? If the young man was your son, would you tell him, yes, or no?

If you knew your friend’s wife was having an extramarital affair, would you tell their significant other?

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