A man slaps another, and shortly after his arm slowly withers and becomes useless


*** This is a true story, re-old with permission***

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About eight years ago, two men worked at the same job. One day the two got into a disagreement. Over the course of several weeks, the disagreement evolved into deeper feelings of anger and animosity. One day, tempers were set ablaze and the disagreement became physical.

One man, the younger of the two, pulled back his hand and slapped the other in the face. He did not try to hit him back, but through gritted teeth, he uttered the following words… “That arm that you used to hit me, will never work again from this day!

Everyone witnessed the slap, and everyone heard the threat, however, no one thought anything of it. They attributed it to injured pride and a bunch of empty promises people often make when they feel wronged, hurt, and humiliated.

The man that hit the other certainly thought nothing of it as he soon dismissed it and went about his life.

Over the course of the next few weeks, he began to experience pain and numbness in the left arm. The arm began to hurt so much that he decided to go see a doctor. After a few tests, he was discharged to go home and a clean bill of health was given. No signs of injury were seen about the arm.

Yet the pain persisted and soon became much worse.

As he lost more use of his arm, he visited several other doctors. The diagnosis remained the same, no signs of injury to the arm.

Then slowly and surely, he progressively lost the use of his arm. The arm began to shrivel and dangle until it is now just an appendage that serves no purpose except to occupy space upon his shoulder. His once-healthy arm cannot function at all and he is forced to use the right arm to move it if it needs repositioning for any reason at all.

Was he cursed by the man he slapped?

Some say it is so...

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