North Carolina Doctor convicted of fraud after she was found guilty of reusing single-use surgical devices

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Since the dawn doctor in North Carolina has been convicted after she was caught reusing single-use needles numerous times.


According to reports, an ear, nose, and throat surgeon has been arrested and charged with putting patients at risk for infection and possibly even death after she was caught red-handed reusing needles that should be discarded after one use.

A North Carolina surgeon has been convicted of fraud after she was caught re-using single-use tools for sinus surgeries hundreds of times. Doctor, Anita Louise Jackson, 59, was caught re-using devices and also charged with intent to defraud and mislead patients under her care.

She is accused of performing upwards of 1,400 surgeries for Medicare patients between the years of 2011 and the end of 2017, and of billing Medicare to the tune of 46 million dollars.

Jackson is said to have coerced her patients into believing they were being given free treatment by not collecting a co-pay from said patients. Further, she’s also accused of hiding the full cost of procedures on bills that she sent to her patients.

She’s said to have fabricated medical and healthcare records, paying illegal remunerations, mail fraud, and conspiracy. A big no-no for Medicare.

The doctor was found to have ordered only 36 new surgical devices in the years she performed over 1400 procedures.

She faces up to 40 years in prison and fines exceeding $250,000. 

What prompted this doctor to go against everything she learned? What compelled her to go against her Hippocratic oath?

40 years in prison is a looong time to sit with one's thoughts...


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