A man leaves his fiancée at the altar. In anguish and shame, her brother throws himself into the water


***This is a true story and is told with permission***

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Some years ago, a young couple met and began courting. After a decent courtship, they decided to become engaged and get married.

As is the custom in that part of the world, the groom’s parents must make an appointment to go ask for the girl’s hand in marriage. That way everyone understands that both families have given their approval and are behind the union of the couple 100%.

After permission is given to marry, the couple must continue dating for at least another six months to one year so that they are sure they like each other enough to pledge their lives together forever.

So was the case with this couple. After the allotted time had passed, a wedding date was set and both sets of families planned for the big day. As is customary, the night before is the ‘hen party’, and lots of food, dancing, and merrymaking ensue.

The next day was the big day and everyone was busy making sure the last bit of preparations are done. Generally, folks listen out for the sounds of the bridegroom’s cars to make their way to the church. The groom’s cars alert everyone that they are on their way to a wedding through a constant shower of horns, noise, and merrymaking.

Once the groom has taken his post at the altar, then the bride will begin her trek to the church escorted by her father or a male representative and followed by her huge entourage.

On the day of the wedding, everyone kept waiting, but no sounds of the groom’s passage to the church could be heard. Tense silence began descending on the bride’s home as the family began a nervous chatter to fill the nervous silence.

The poor bride began sweating off her makeup in the hot climate for various reasons.

The family and friends kept their vigil while the hour grew late, yet no noisy horns heralded the arrival of the groom. A message was sent to the groom’s home, asking about his health. The response, the groom is well.

As more time passed, family and guests began fidgeting. The evening light began to fade and the bride and her family were forced to conclude that the groom had gotten ‘cold feet’ and was not coming. The family contemplated the enormous shame of this insult and in absolute distress, the elder brother who was fully clothed in his wedding apparel cried out loudly as to the unfairness of it all and threw himself into the canal.

Early, the next day, the bride left the village and to date has never, ever returned for a visit.


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