A Wife Forbids Her Mother-in-Law to Ever use the Front Door, She Was Only Allowed to Enter the Back Door


***This is a work of fiction based on a true story and told with permission***

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A single mom works hard to put her son through school. She has had a hard time making life since the untimely death of her husband. She has worked as a housekeeper scrubbing floors and catering to others all her life. Not one to complain, she willingly sacrificed herself to ensure her only child had a shot at a good life.

She worked her fingers to the bone, putting him through college and when he graduated, he was blessed with a great job. He learned a great work ethic from his mother and along the way and has worked diligently to make his way to the top. He then married a woman he loved and he felt all was well with the world.

The mom is so proud of her son. He lives in a lovely big house and is living a good life.

The only damper is that whenever she visits, she has to enter through the back doorway. The wife has instructed her housekeeper that her husband’s mother is only allowed to enter using the back doorway. She cannot risk her friends seeing her husband’s mother because she is ashamed. She does not want them to know that he comes from a poor background.

This behavior went on for some time, but the mother refuses to complain to her son as she does not wish to cause trouble between him and his wife.

One day, the husband happened to come by his home early in the day and saw his mother entering via the back door. When he questioned the staff as to why his mother could not use the front door, they confessed that his wife would not allow it.

The son apologized profusely to his mother and in great sadness and some anger, he waited for his wife to return home. A confrontation and disagreement ensued which resulted in a divorce. The son decided he could not spend his life with a woman who could not love and respect his mother, who worked her finger to the bone to raise him.


Please share your thoughts, what would you do in similar circumstances?

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