Woman Gives Her Son Her Home. He and His Wife Later Decide They Need Her Bedroom for their new Baby


**This is a true story as told to me by a close relative, used with permission**

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A woman was married and had one son. Her husband died along the way and the woman continued raising her son alone. She never remarried. Her son grew into a fine young man and eventually, he found a beautiful young lady, and they got married.

Time kept marching on and the mother became elderly. Her son and his wife had two children by this time and she was pleased to be a grandma.

Eventually, the woman decided it was time to give her son his inheritance. She was in her mid 70’s. She employed the services of a lawyer and turned her house over to him and his wife with the understanding that she would have a room in the home and live out the rest of her life there. She was also happy that she would be able to spend more time with her family, especially the grandchildren.

She felt certain that her son would help to care for her when she got to the place where she could no longer do it herself.

So, they all began living together and all seemed to be going well. The son and his wife seemed happy about the extra help and live-in babysitting services. The woman was feeling happy with her decision.

Sometime after she moved in, her son and daughter-in-law informed her that they were expecting another child. Everyone seemed happy.

Trouble in Paradise

As the time of the birth became closer, the atmosphere in the home became strained. Then, one day the couple called a meeting with the older woman to inform her that she would need to find another place to live as they would need to convert her room into a nursery for the new baby.

The woman was heartbroken, she had nowhere to go. She began work at a daycare and rented a small apartment. She struggled to make ends meet. Soon She took ill, became unable to care for herself, and her son put her in a nursing home. She was very sad. Her son promised her that when her therapy was complete and she got better they would come to take her back home, but he never returned for her.

She died alone in the nursing home, while the couple was on a cruise. The staff tried to reach him and was unsuccessful.

This lady who gave her whole life for her family died alone in a nursing home.

Are you familiar with this type of story? Do share your thoughts.

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