A couple found out they were brother and sister, but they decided not to get a divorce


**This is a true story as told to me by a close relative, used with permission**

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There was a lovely couple in my village some years back, I am told. They had a good marriage and had been married for some time. They had six children and were living a pretty normal life. They came from different villages. When they first met, they felt drawn to each other and eventually fell in love, got married, and began the business of raising their family.

Both parties grew up with their mothers but their fathers were not present in their lives. As time passed, the children were growing up and one day there was word that the wife’s father was coming to town to visit.

Since the wife had not seen her father since she was a young girl, there were some misgivings. She was, however, very hopeful that perhaps her children would have the love of a grandfather. So, they went about preparing for this much-anticipated visit.

The day arrived and a stranger who she had met briefly during her childhood showed up at the doorstep. After the regular greetings, the father and grandfather settled down to a home-cooked meal and some after-dinner conversation.

During the conversation, he wanted to get to know his son-in-law and began asking the usual inquisitive questions. Imagine his surprise when it came to light that he knew the man’s mother. After further investigation, to his shock and horror he realized that this was his son.

This man was the father of both the husband and the wife!

After the shock wore off, there remained the elephant in the living room… Would the couple now get a divorce?

The couple decided to stay together as they had children and a loving relationship. What good would it do them to become separated after all the years they spent together?


Now that the couple knew they were half-brother and sister, do you think they should stay married?

What would you do?

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