A woman encourages her best friend to cheat on her husband, then she tells on her and takes the man for herself


**This story was told by my grandmother and I knew this couple myself as I got older**

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Back in the time of my grandmother’s youth, life was simple. In a village in South America, people lived and died in love. The spirit of community was truly alive and well. One could depend on their neighbor to the very end.

It was such an easy time that no one locked their doors, day or night. There were no killings, and no stealing, if anyone was in need, all they had to do was ask.

Though this was a morally idyllic life, an element of something wicked permeated the atmosphere.

Such was the case involving two women.

The two women were married into the same family. The older one married the uncle and the younger woman married the nephew. These two women shared a kinship and over time became very close friends. The younger one deferred to the elder as this was the cultural norm of the day.

Years went by, children were born and raised into young adults and life went on mostly uneventfully. One day, the elder woman’s husband took ill and soon passed away. Her dear friend was there through it all, helping to support and comfort her through her grief.

In time, it seemed the elder of the women became lonely. Especially when she visited her younger friend and saw how she interacted with her husband. She also noted how well the husband treated his wife and how much he doted upon her.

No matter how compatible a couple is, arguments are bound to occur as such is human nature. This couple was no different. They had an argument that lingered for some time. Eventually, the younger female sought the advice of the older one to help solve her marital woes.

The elder woman encouraged the younger woman to come up with a plan. She would place herself in a compromising situation with the aim of making her husband jealous. The date was planned and the details set.

On the day of the supposed ‘date,’ the elder woman betrayed the younger one. Instead of showing up to offer her support as she had promised, she told the woman’s husband that she was meeting an actual lover and took him to witness the scene. She also told many other lies. Since the husband knew these women were very close, he believed her stories, and soon he and his wife were divorced.

Can you guess what happened next?

The man married the older woman. She was the wife of his deceased uncle and a close friend of his ex-wife.

He was quite a bit younger than she was and they had two children together.


I personally knew this couple and heard the story of how they met. She died some seven years before him and he passed away two years ago.

What this story teaches us is to ‘never trust a friend’ with all your relationship secrets. Because when others perceive your life situation as better than theirs, many will covet it for themselves leaving you out in the cold.

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