There was the little boy walking with the man, but when he caught up to his friend, no child was there


**This is a true story as told to me by a close relative, used with permission**
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In the olden days, my grandfather was a rice farmer. The rice farm was located several miles away from their homes. As told to me, each day, my grandpa and his friend would rise early in the morning and make the arduous trek to the rice farm.

The other man lived further away so he would call for my grandma along the way and they would walk together. This walk was made during pre-dawn hours when the rest of the world was still asleep at approximately 04:00 a.m.

On this particular day, when my grandfather’s friend called for him, he was running a little late, he had slept in, so he called out to tell him to go ahead and he would catch up to him as he was leaving in the next few minutes.

As promised my grandfather began walking several about ten minutes after his friend who was by this time a little ways ahead of him. He could see his friend in the distance and there beside him was a young boy of about 8 years old.

My grandpa thought nothing of it as they both had young children, so he thought that his friend was taking along one of his sons that day.

He was walking behind his friend, but never actually caught up to him. But the whole time he kept seeing this boy walking along. The darkness of night gave way to early morning light and he could still see the child and man walking at a steady pace.

When my grandpa finally got to the farm, he asked his friend which of his sons he brought along with him and where the child was. The man was perplexed and replied that he was there alone, he had not brought anyone along with him. So, my grandpa told him how he had seen the boy walking with him the whole journey…

My grandpa was sure he saw a ghost because he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he saw a child skipping alongside the man all along the way.


What do you think happened?

Who was walking along with the man?

Was it a ghost?

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