A friend brought her lunch, but there were cat hairs all over the cheese: Would she eat this meal?


**This is a true story as told to me by a close relative, used with permission**

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Many years ago, my friend worked in the financial industry. Those were good days; she was young and there she met many other young people and developed many friends. Among those friends was one particular woman who took quite a liking to her as well. My friend thought she was a bit eccentric but she seemed nice and was always ready to lend my friend a helping hand.

After working together for some time, my friend soon became pregnant with her second child. This lady was always helpful to my friend, always taking time to spend time with her and speak to her. She would say blessings over my friend and her unborn child.

This lady lived alone and always spoke of her love for cats. She had a couple of cats at her home and considered them her babies.

This lady lived close to the job and would go home for lunch each day. My friend lived further away and usually brought her lunch to work. One day, the lady noticed my friend did not have lunch and so she offered to bring lunch from her home.

She returned earlier than usual and true to her words; she brought my friend lunch. She had prepared spaghetti and meat sauce. She brought the cheese to be sprinkled on top in a separate container. My friend said the meal smelled delicious and she was ready to eat. She opened the container with the cheese to sprinkle on top and there she was confronted with three long cat hairs on the top of the cheese.

She instantly felt nausea and bile rise to fill her mouth, and she could no longer stomach the thought of consuming the meal.

She was unable to eat and was about to apologize to her friend. But when she looked up into her friend's pleading face, especially since other workers were present, all eyes were watching and anticipating. She could not hurt her friend this way, so she did the only thing she could do, she took her first bite...


What do you think of this story?

Did she do the right thing?

Would you have eaten the food after seeing the cat hairs?

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