Beaten to Death: Shanquella Robinson Killed While on Vacation in Mexico is a Cautionary Tale (Opinion)

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A young woman leaves for a fun-filled vacation with her friends. They or at least she planned to have fun in Mexico. I’m sure she thought they would take beautiful photos, show off on social media, visit the beach, drink wine and hang out at the villa and have a blast. After all, they were celebrating a birthday with people, she thought were her friends.

Soon her parents receive a call that she is unwell and that a doctor is on the way to the rental home. They tell her parents the doctor performed CPR and tried their level best to save her, but finally, they learn that she has died.

Suddenly a video of a young woman is naked while being beaten by another woman who is supposed to be her ’friend’. At least one other, perhaps more people are present because a man’s voice can be heard urging the victim to put in some effort to defend herself against the onslaught.

In the video, you can see the other ‘female’ completely beating the naked defenseless female, who clearly does not wish to fight and is making no effort to engage. 

The ‘larger’ female is seen using her legs while the victim is sitting naked and defenseless on the floor. 

The family continues to hear varying details from each ‘friend’
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The victim’s mother said she later obtained an autopsy report which stated that her daughter had a broken neck and spinal cord injuries.

What really happened? Who had a problem with her, was it one or all of them? How did she die and who masterminded the cover-up plan?

What does this sad tale teach us? Never completely trust ‘friends’. These days one can hardly trust their family, much less strangers.

The term ‘friend’ is a tricky one. Many times, people enter our lives for their own nefarious purposes. Strangers gravitate toward some due to what they hope to get from you. It is not necessarily due to a desire for a symbiotic or equal relationship, but a desire to ‘use’ you based on envy.

They may not even like you, but they may enter because it is their intention to corrupt you. They may plan to introduce you to drug use, sexual abuse, and forms of mental or physical abuse.

As in the case of this young lady, her ‘friends’ abused her terribly, and no one seemed to have come to her aid. Why in the world was she naked and defenseless in front of both males and females, being belittled and beaten? 

In another video, she walked into a room with what appeared to be three other females, at least one man, and a world of animosity. She had apparently been set up as she was the only one who returned to the room naked. The others were fully clothed and appeared to be waiting on her. The female in the blue dress appears to be directing her to a place on the floor.

Why would friends do that to one of their own? 

Why did no one try to help her?

We cannot, must not place blind trust in others, especially strangers who become ‘friends’. One can never really know another person, can they?

It does not really matter how old someone is, we are all susceptible to being fooled by cunning and wicked people whose sole aim in life is to climb on your back on their way up in the world. 

It is all about what you can do for them, and never about what they can do for you. Most times they intend to give you nothing. 

The video of this beating has gone viral. It is said that celebrities are watching to see how this will play out. 

The FBI is also seeking answers.

I feel the perpetrators will be found and will be arrested, and justice will be swift.

Let this be a lesson, be careful who you call friends…

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