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No One Could Erase the Decomposed Body Stain of Margaret Schilling off the Asylum Floor


This is the eerie and unnerving story of a patient called Margaret Schilling.

According to the reports, this young woman of mental health problems and disabilities.

It is said that one day on December 2, 1978, Margaret Schilling disappeared. At the time of this mystery, she was a patient of “The Ridges” a mental health facility originally known as The Athens Mental Health Center.

Located in Athens, Ohio, its doors first opened in 1874. Huge hospitals and asylums like this one were common in America during this period.

The goal of that time period was to keep the mentally ill and the ‘infirmed’ away from the prying eyes of society. With that purpose in mind, huge buildings were erected that held the capacity to hold staff and patients in a minimally comfortable manner.

The Ridges originally known as the Athens Medical Health Center was no different and had the ability to house roughly 550 patients.

Over time it seemed the need for an even larger facility was needed as the hospital was way over its capacity. Close to 2,000 patients crowded the asylum. Remember this facility could only comfortably house 550 patients.

But even with all these patients, there were several unused wings and some claimed, entire floors that remained untouched as the years went by.
The decomposed stain in the shape of a body --Photo byHistoric Mysteries

It is in one such room that the unfortunate Margaret Schilling is said to have met her end all alone and possibly scared. It is speculated that the now famed Margaret was deaf and mute and found herself locked in an unused room. Unable to call for help, she is said to have suffered a slow and painful death.

When her body was found approximately one month later, she had no clothes on. Her clothes were neatly folded and placed on the concrete next to her body.

When her badly decomposing body was removed, what was left behind was a stain in the shape of a human body.

As quoted by The stain marks the spot where a patient, a woman named Margaret Schilling, died, after lying undiscovered for several weeks. The stain was created in 1979 and has drawn much speculation as well as curious visitors. Forensic scientists recently tested the stain and determined it was caused by human decomposition.

The stain is so embedded into the concrete flooring that all efforts over the years have failed to remove it.

When they removed her decomposing corpse, they discovered her body left a permanent stain on the concrete. It’s believed the stain was caused by the body decaying, combined with the sunlight hitting her body in the process. Although there have been many attempts at cleaning and removing the stain, it has remained.
The stain is still present at The Ridges today and has drawn thousands of visitors over the years.

Let us hope this lady found some peace.

What a tragic story.

Do you believe the superimposed stain represents the distress Margaret suffered as she painfully faced death alone?

Did her soul cry out and in so much anguish that a bit of that soul enmeshed itself in the very fabric of the floor and cannot ever be removed?

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