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At Your Leisure Aesthetics: What you want to know about Botox


About Botox injections

If you're thinking about Botox injections, you might be interested to learn some obscure realities about it first. Botox injections take less than 15 minutes. With such a quick treatment time and no recovery needed, it's possible to fit Botox injections into even the busiest schedule. Scott Ennis, a worldwide renowned cosmetic surgeon and assisted him in the operating space for many years. Through all of this experience, Donna can recognize a person's anatomy that may result in this heavy brow and let you know if you are an excellent prospect for Botox or fillers or maybe it is time to consider something non-surgical. As we age, there will also be a time when injectables might no longer be our finest choice, and surgery becomes the much better option for us. Donna will stroll you through all of the subtleties both in the short and long term. A common factor our clients think about botulinum contaminant injections is to lower the fine lines and wrinkles that develop in time from common facial expressions. Because of the nature of Botox, injecting excessively can cause muscles to over-relax and trigger an unfavorable modification in look, mainly when applied to the forehead. Over-injecting in the forehead can trigger droopy eyebrows and excess eyelid skin. That's the opposite of what we want! There's no easy fix to the Botox has to wear away!

Why you have to be careful who does your injections

When Botox near me is used to the eyelid muscles, it can trigger the eyelid to sag. This makes it more challenging for you to open one eyelid as much as the other. This is a lot more most likely to take place with companies who are not effectively trained. Dynamic wrinkles and Botox Phoenix? There are two types of wrinkles: fixed wrinkles and dynamic wrinkles. Fixed wrinkles form due to the loss of essential substances, such as collagen and elastin, and gravity and sun damage—dynamic wrinkles, which is what Botox treats, form due to years of making repeated facial expressions. To read more about Botox and see if it can help you fight your wrinkles, book a visit online or over the phone with At Your Leisure Aesthetics. The injections are used with an excellent needle and are practically painless. Typically, results show up within 2 to ten days. To minimize the possibility of bruising/swelling, it is suggested to avoid alcohol for at least 24 hr and aspirin/anti-inflammatory medications for two weeks before the treatment.
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Side Effects of Botulinum Toxin

The most common adverse effects of Botulinum Toxin injections are bruising, redness, and swelling. Other unusual adverse effects are possible and will be evaluated by the treating physician. To avoid adverse reactions/results, do not manipulate the cured area for 2 hours after injections and keep an upright position. The esthetic impacts of Botulinum Toxin typically last 3 to 4 months. Are you considering Botox treatments? Looking for a quick remedy to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles? Possibly you want to look after that excessive sweating? You would not be the first individual to rely on Botox injections or the last, for that matter.

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