California City of Oroville Declares Itself Sanctuary City Against State and Federal Law

Roberto Nickson

The California city of Oroville is taking on the state of California and attempting to counter policies that go against their conservative constituent's politics.

An overwhelming majority of the city council in California voted to designate the city as a "Constitutional Republic City" in order to better protect its citizens' rights in light of federal and state mandates.

"What we're doing is ensuring that our citizens' rights are protected to the greatest extent possible at the local level," Oroville Vice Mayor Scott Thomson said.

The mayor went on to say, "In a sense, we are acting as a sanctuary city for our people and their rights and freedoms, which are protected by the United States and state constitutions." Gavin Newsom served as a model for us when he declared San Francisco a sanctuary city in response to the federal government against the city's citizens."

In the spirit of fair play, the city of Oroville is taking the progressive approach to "Sanctuary City" for illegal immigrants and repurposing it to serve Californians.

Mayor Thompson stated that "it's basically drawing a line" between the two sides. We're not talking about one specific mandate here; we're talking about a slew of mandates that have been pushed down our throats in recent weeks."

In addition, he told CBS 13 that "I believe it is time for us to draw a line in the sand."

Thompson previously stated in an email to ABC 7 that "this is due to the number of mandates affecting every aspect of our lives and the lives of our children." The very foundations of American culture and way of life are being challenged and perverted by radicalized politicians who have forgotten that, in a republic, the power belongs to the people."

Following the report published by CBS 13 on Monday, the resolution aims to give cities the ability to opt-out of implementing "any executive orders issued by the State of California or by the Federal Government of America that are overreaching or clearly violate our constitutionally protected rights."

Councilmember Janet Goodson raised the possibility of a negative impact on the city's finances, noting that the city has received approximately 4.8 million in COVID funding over the last two years.

In addition, the resolution does not alter the city's ordinance or establish a policy. Because it can be modified or amended at any time, according to city attorney Scott Huber, "there is no risk of funding being lost as a result of it."

He cited as an example when cities passed resolutions declaring themselves to be "sanctuary cities," which was in violation of federal law.

Specific actions would be required in order to avoid losing funding, according to the courts.

"I am confident that the city will not suffer any financial consequences as a result of this decision." In the event that it becomes necessary in the future, you may revise this and proceed as you see fit, but this will not jeopardize any state or federal funding."

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