Trump Executive Privilege Request Denied By Judge Tanya Chutkan

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On Tuesday night, a court denied Donald Trump's attempt to keep records pertaining to the Capitol attack from the public.

"The public interest rests in allowing-not enjoining-the united will of the legislative and executive branches to analyze the events that led to and transpired on January 6, and to adopt legislation to prevent such occurrences from ever occurring again," ruled US District Judge Tanya Chutkan.

Trump filed a notice of appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit almost immediately.

Chutkan's decision comes a week after she heard Trump's lawyer argue that the National Archives should not turn over Trump administration data to the House panel probing the Capitol attack.

The documents should be safeguarded by presidential privilege, according to Trump, and their release would cause irreparable harm.

During the Nov. 4 hearing, Chutkan hinted that she would likely rule against Trump.

She questioned if Trump's authority to invoke executive privilege had been harmed by the fact that he was no longer in office and that President Joe Biden had declined to do so on his behalf.

A request for executive privilege over records from a former president's tenure in office must be backed by the current president.

Chutkan disregarded Trump's claim of privilege in his judgment on Tuesday night.

"He retains the right to claim that his records are protected, but the current President 'is not constitutionally bound to honor' that claim."

Chutkan sided with Trump's lawyers, finding the House committee's records request on Jan. 6 was "broad," but ultimately within the scope of the committee's authority.

Trump's lawyers attempted to file a preemptive plea for a temporary order to keep the data secret while they conducted any appeal earlier this week, anticipating a possible loss.

Chutkan refused the motion less than two hours after it was submitted, stating that it was premature and that she would consider such a request once she had made her decision.

Trump's latest attempt to disrupt the House panel's inquiry is his attempt to hide papers connected to Jan. 6.

Steve Bannon, a top Trump adviser, defied a subpoena to testify at Trump's request last month and has stated he will not honor any future requests.

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