Ben & Jerry's Loses Millions Due to Israel Stance

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Ben & Jerry's is known for its hard-left stance on a variety of issues, but its newest move has resulted in significant financial losses.

The ice cream manufacturer declared in July that it would no longer conduct business in the "Occupied Palestinian Territory" or "Israel." The move was meant to show the company's commitment to protesting in support of the downtrodden, but their Board chair was actually caught showing their support for the organization Hezbollah behind the scenes.

Over the decision, states began looking into divesting from Ben & Jerry's and its parent company, Unilever, with Arizona being the first to do so.

In a statement to Jewish organizations, Unilever stated emphatically that it did not agree with the ice cream company's choice and separated itself from the BDS movement, a movement aimed at financially weakening Israel.

Now, Florida has joined the list of states that have divested from Ben & Jerry's, with eight other states, including New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Maryland, and Rhode Island, considering whether anti-BDS laws can be used to withdraw from the firm.

The sum of money being divested from the corporation is fairly large.

The State Board of Administration of Florida withdrew $139 million, while the State Board of Administration of Arizona withdrew $140 million.

This news comes after Ben & Jerry's creators Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield gave a controversial interview to Axios.

The reporter pressed the two on why they were prepared to withdraw from Israeli settlements because of their ideals, but not from states like Texas and Georgia.

Cohen struggled to respond to the question and stuttered for a response before admitting he didn't know.

"Money" was the response he didn't want to offer. It's simple to decide not to sell ice cream to 500,000 people in a given location, but it's far more difficult to pull your product from a state with a population of 29 million people, such as Texas.

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