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Trent Colbert, a Native American and Federalist Society student at Yale Law School, has self-identified as the student who stood up to the powers-that-be at Yale Law School about an email he wrote that used the words 'trap house'. Some people on campus thought these words were offensive and issued a statement about the potential harm done to the community.

Unlike previous but similar issues that have happened around the country, Colbert has secret audio recordings detailing his close encounters with high-level Yale staff and administrators. In the recordings, administration officials claim that his participation in the conservative Federalist Society is 'triggering' and 'oppressive'" due to the nature of the group. The audio clips from Colbert show exactly what it is like when faced with disciplinary action by the Yale Diversity and Inclusion department, in their own words.

The audio can be found here and is over 20 minutes long.

Full Audio of Yale Conversation

Yale Law School authorities threatened Colbert and told him to send out a self-abasing written apology that it drafted for him. They also threatened to harm his career in hinting that this incident may come up during his Bar Association review.

Other people believe that it is Yale that owes Colbert an apology for their actions, sparking outrage across right-wing media. The reason why this is different than previous cases is the threat to Colbert's future livelihood.

They are asking that the Yale Law School authorities who threatened Colbert in the private meetings should be the ones apologizing to Colbert.

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