Prince William Critiques William Shatner Space Flight


William Shatner may be most known for his fictional extraterrestrial trips in the "Star Trek" universe, but now he can say that he took a real-life voyage to space.

The actor, along with three other passengers, boarded Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space ship, which took off for an 11-minute ride. While the star's trip was clearly unforgettable, not everyone was impressed.

George Takei, a fellow "Star Trek" actor, had some harsh words to say about Shatner's space travel, and even Prince William spoke out about the recent space-based adventures.

The Prince said, "I think that ultimately is what sold it for me - that it is rather vital to focus on this planet rather than giving up and heading out into space to try to think of answers for the future."

"We need the world's greatest minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to live," the Duke of Cambridge said on "Newscast" prior to the first Earthshot Prize being given out, which recognizes those who are making a positive impact on environmental issues.

Although the prince may have a valid argument, Shatner does not share the prince's viewpoint.

William Shatner responded to Prince William's concerns about contemporary space flights after the comments made about them.

Shatner told Entertainment Tonight, "He's a nice, polite, educated Englishman, but he's got the wrong concept."

The actor clarified what he meant when he said that the "It's not a good idea to say, 'Yeah, look at me.' 'I'm floating in space.'" Rather, he stated that "The prince is completely oblivious to the situation. The key is that these are the first stages to demonstrating that it is really practical. You could launch someone like me into space."

"So fix some of the stuff down here," Shatner replied, "but we can curl your hair and apply moisturizer on your face at the same time." Although Shatner agreed with the prince that we should be putting in effort on our own planet, he added, "So fix some of the stuff down here."

Shatner also discussed his trip to space, which lasted nearly ten minutes and saw the crew capsule reach an apogee of 347,539 feet above earth level.

"You hear people say religious experience," he continued, "and I don't know about religious experience, but you may have an overpowering sensation," he said, before comparing it to holding a newborn for the first time.

The Prince has not responded to Shatner's new comments.

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