5 Worst Places to Live in South Dakota

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If you've lived in South Dakota for quite a time now, you know how safe the place is. Everyone knows everyone, there's no need to lock your doors or lock your car, and you'll never have an issue. BUT! There are always places that are not-so-attractive to live in. Even with SD's generally good-natured and honest population, a few bad apples are scattered around the state, as evidenced in the FBI's Crime in the United States report.

In this article, we list the following places as the worst in the state according to MoneyInc. So if you plan to move to South Dakota, you should avoid these worst places in South Dakota:

Top 5: Watertown

Watertown is another city in South Dakota where discrimination is prevalent in the workplace. There is 39.8 percent of women working in management in this city, and they earn a pitiful $0.63 per dollar compared to the wages earned by men. Statistics show that 16.5% of single women live at or below the poverty line. 5.6 percent of these women are uninsured. Medical expenses can't be paid with lower wages. As the country is facing a worldwide pandemic, it's not a good time to be uninsured.

Top 4: Rapid Valley

If you're a single woman, you should avoid Rapid Valley as well. When comparing wages between men and women, women earn $0.73 on the dollar. Furthermore, 12.6% of all single women in this town live in poverty. Only 24.5 percent of the workforce is female in management, which clearly shows that women don't typically get jobs in direction when there are men available to take the job. Rapid Valley has an alarming 8.5 percent rate of uninsured single women. Medical issues or sickness are not an option for them.

Top 3: Tea

For single women, Tea is even worse than Rapid Valley. According to the uninsured statistics, despite a lower poverty rate, 6.2 percent of single women lack health insurance. What's worse is that they earn much less. The average woman earns just $0.62 for every dollar her male counterpart earns. On top of that, just 22.6 percent of the management workforce is female.

Top 2: Sturgis

6,796 people are living in Sturgis, a town in South Dakota. Most residents in Sturgis own their own homes and enjoy a rural-urban feel. There are many bars and coffee shops in Sturgis. Many young professionals, families, and retirees live in Sturgis, and most residents are traditional. Sturgis has an above-average public school system.

Sturgis, however, isn't free of its problems because it faces its own set of issues. Compared to single women in this city, men make $0.51 for every dollar they make for similar work. Women live in poverty at 13.2 percent, with just 43 percent in management. There is 15.5 percent of single women without health insurance in Sturgis, which means they are without health coverage.

Top 1: Vermillion

10,753 people are living in Vermillion, a town in South Dakota. Clay County in South Dakota includes Vermillion, a great place to live. It is a densely populated suburb, and most residents rent their homes. There are many parks and bars in Vermillion. Vermillion is a conservative town with a lot of young professionals living there. Vermillion has an above-average public school system.

Conversely, Vermillion is the most dangerous place to live in South Dakota for single women. Among the management workforce, only 36 percent are women. Every dollar a man makes is worth $0.68 to a woman. According to dismal statistics, 7.9 percent of all single women do not have health insurance. Single women are living in poverty to the tune of 32.8%.

Were you surprised to see any of these towns or cities on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.








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