5 Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona

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Arizona is known for its red rocks and red skies. There are many reasons why people choose to move to this southwest state, including the beautiful natural surroundings. There is always sunshine in Arizona, so you can enjoy beautiful weather all year long. Arizona offers a wide range of living options, ranging from small towns to sprawling cities. Among Arizona's cheapest places to live are also some of its most desirable places. If you wish to live in Arizona but have no idea which city is affordable, this article is for you!

According to HomeSnacks, the top five cheapest places to live in Arizona for 2021 are as follows:

Top 5: Safford

Safford is located on the San Carlos Reservation, on the border between Arizona and New Mexico. More young people are concentrated in this border town in southern Arizona than in any other city on our list. Our experience with Millenials has shown that they are well informed.

Where are the 'youngins' coming from? Gold and copper are probably both presents. Education and the mining industry are Safford's two largest employers. Copper and Gold are mined in Safford at the country's largest copper and gold mine. In order of affordability, our list includes Safford, which has a median household income of $50,255.

Top 4: Winslow

You probably already know that Winslow, Arizona is an ideal place for visitors, but did you know that it's also very affordable? The city is so cheap that it will rank four among the most affordable cities in Arizona for 2021. Once a railroad town, residents of Winslow are now employed in education, transportation, and public service to support their households. Our scale of affordability gave you a score of 8/10, Winslow. If you have a median income of $37,756, you shouldn't have any trouble meeting your living costs.

Get to know this affordable community in Navajo County and do your budget a favor.

Top 3: Guadalupe

The cultural importance of Guadalupe is notable for its small size. Its advertising advertises that it has three cultures, including Indian, Mexican, and farmer influences. As a whole, the region ranks third regarding affordability for raising a family in Arizona.

In this small community just outside of Phoenix, Arizona's largest city, you will find many amenities. It takes 20 minutes to get to the center of the town by car. But Guadalupe remains affordable despite its big-city influence.

The median income is just $38,125 in town, so wages are low. There is a 9.01% unemployment rate as of today. Despite that, Guadalupe's residents earn a lot of money. Home prices stand at $100,100 on average. At the same time, rents average $640 per month. In general, the cost of living is about 80% of that in the United States.

Top 2: Coolidge

Coolidge, Arizona, is a name most people are familiar with. They make our best places to live in Arizona list and are our second most affordable city in the state for this year.

Historically inhabited by the Pueblos of Pinal County, this city now houses Central Arizona College. Since CAC's founding in 1959, C-town has had a solid economic foundation. C-town residents know, too? Due to a low home price-income ratio, they believe it's a good deal.

Top 1: Holbrook

There are just as many good deals outside of Holiday Inns. We see that it's not rocket science in Holbrook, Arizona's number one most affordable city in 2021; there's nothing complicated about it.

The Affordable City of The Grand Canyon State has been Holbrook for three consecutive years. Its agricultural and tourism industries, as well as its retail sector, keep this city thriving. Nearly 46,700 people live in Holbrook. As far as home prices to income ratios go, Holbrook is the most affordable city in Arizona.

What are your last thoughts on moving to Arizona? Would you mind sharing anything with us? You are welcome to make any comments.








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