5 Worst Places to Live in Vermont

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You are probably from Vermont if you are reading this. Or a nosy neighbor in New Hampshire. Vermont may be one of the most charming states, and ranking the worst places to live there may seem ridiculous. The fact remains that there are 'better' and 'worse' places to live anyplace in the country. Vermont is included.

Do things always go smoothly in Green Mountain State? It's evident that you can't. The minor desirable spots in Vermont are just like those in every other state. We will use science and data to determine the worst cities you could live in if you choose to live in Vermont. Here are Vermont's 5 worst places to live based on the data from RoadSnacks.

Top 5: Brattleboro

As a resort town, Brattleboro has a long history. Mid-19th-century residents of Brattleboro could enjoy natural spring waters at the Brattleboro Hydropathic Establishment. Additionally, it housed what would eventually become the Vermont Insane Asylum - a different retreat from reality but still based on the same principle. By the way, it is now rumored to be haunted there.

Those 6,507 people who live in Brattleboro need some sanctuary these days. The poverty line is below the poverty line for about one out of every four locals. Low wages and high expenses in the area are responsible for this fact. There is a 10% premium over the national average for the cost of living. As of now, the median home price is $203,300, compared with a median income of $34,739.

Top 4: Morrisville

Would you like to experience the natural splendor of Vermont? With excellent access to places such as Mount Mansfield State Forest, Morrisville can be a jumping-off point for the nearby wilderness.

Visiting that area sounds like a great idea. Staying longer is the problem. A stagnant economy weighs down the community. $52,500 is a respectable income for the average American. There is, however, a 7.2% unemployment rate in the region due to limited opportunities. There are few amenities in Morrisville and a lack of diversity.

Top 3: St. Johnsbury

St. Johnsbury is not one of the largest urban areas in Vermont, with a population of 5,865. Despite its remote location, it can be considered a virtual metropolis, given the surrounding countryside.

The town is located about 50 miles south of Canada, near the border of New Hampshire, and acts as a hub for the region's businesses. Thus, the unemployment rate in the town is 4.5%. The small town of St. Johnsbury has its unique characteristics in other ways, though. The local median income is $37,889, with few high-paying jobs in the area. There is also a lack of amenities and diversity.

Top 2: Springfield

On the Connecticut River, Springfield lies along the New Hampshire border and is a rural community. One of the town's highlights is the old one-room schoolhouse, one of the oldest schoolhouses in the state dating back to 1790.

The curriculum should have improved over the last two hundred years, you'd think. Despite this, Springfield's schools are only rated 2/10 on Great Schools. This is just one of the problems facing the town. Approximately 20% of the population lives in poverty due to the weak economy. There are also challenges associated with affordability and diversity.

Top 1: Newport

With a 5.8% unemployment rate, Newport has the highest unemployment rate in Vermont. Residents here likely live on $32,000 on average, so they're probably pretty poor, and a family of four lives at only $7,500 above the poverty level. There is a 1 in 142 chance of being robbed in Newport, which has the ninth highest crime rate in Vermont and the sixth cheapest homes ($137,000).

Despite being on the high side in Vermont, that's low by national standards. There is a 1 in 20 chance of being robbed in cities with the 9th highest crime rate.

Are these places scary for you to live in? Comment below and let us know what you think!








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