5 Worst Places to Live in Oregon

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The state of Oregon is one of those that fly under the radar. The one in the corner, quietly going about its business. Many progressive people live in that nook of the country, but it is also a beautiful place.

Does everything look so rosy? Nope. The state of Oregon has its challenges, just like any other state. The purpose of this post is to find out where these places are using science. Here are the 5 worst places to live in Oregon, according to RoadSnacks:

Top 5: Cottage Grove

I picture an adorable little community when I hear the name, Cottage Grove. This town does have its charms, to be honest. There are many parks in the city. This is a welcoming museum dedicated to gold mining in Bohemia. An old covered railroad bridge, the Chambers Covered Railway Bridge.

Cottage Grove is adorable, but its daily routine is less so. There are not many jobs in this town, crime is high, and living costs are high. Statistic analysis will show the issues. The unemployment rate is 8.7%, while criminal activity is 70 percent higher than the average for the U.S. The cost of living here is 10% higher than in the U.S.

Top 4: Klamath Falls

Lake Ewauna and Upper Klamath Lake surround Klamath Falls, located in the southern part of the state. This affords 21335 residents of the town beautiful views and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. However, fishing and boating trips aren't the only parts of life. This is the fourth-least inviting community in Oregon due to a weak economy and high crime rates.

With a jobless rate of 9.3%, the local population is facing a significant unemployment problem. An estimated 22.7% of the community lives below the poverty line, with a median income of $41,444. Meanwhile, the local crime rate tracks more than 50% above the national average.

Top 3: Prineville

I am pleased to inform you that, based on the lottery winnings per capita, Prineville is Oregon's 10th luckiest city. The bad news is someone might steal your money if you score big here, so be careful. It's not the most violent state in Pinnville, but it sure is one of the worst. In addition, the town on the desert side of Bend has one of the lowest incomes and highest unemployment rates of any place in the state.

Top 2: Ontario

Just across the water from Idaho lies Ontario, which sits along the Snake River. As an essential gateway between New York and New Jersey, the area is traversed by I-84. Despite the increased car traffic, the local economy has not been boosted much. In its place, Ontario has financial troubles that make it one of Oregon's minor attractions.

The town's 10,966 residents live in poverty at a rate of 27.3%. As well as housing and safety, education is another primary concern. The crime rate in the city is more than 170% higher than the national average. It's still worth stopping by if you're passing through. If you want to explore the river, you can go to the Ontario State Recreation Site or the Four Rivers Cultural Center & Museum.

Top 1: Madras

2017 was a big year for Madras. With the city of 6,777 in the path of a solar eclipse, the event attracted many visitors. However, most of them probably wouldn't want to live in Oregon's number 1 worst neighborhood.

In the community, there are not enough jobs. While the unemployment rate is 10.4%, 21.8% of the local population lives in substandard conditions. The median home value in the town hovers around $182,500, a problematic mortgage for those with incomes around $35,000 or less. Even so, living in the area has its benefits. Madras is also home to the Erickson Aircraft Collection, aside from the rare solar eclipse.

We know that the list we have provided above may vary, depending on how you measure good and bad stuff in a place. If you think you can add more to these worst places to live in Oregon, please feel free to comment below!


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