5 of the Worst Places to Live in North Carolina

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North Carolina is a great place to live if you are from there. It's situated along the east coast and in the southern part of the country. Mountain, ocean, and some of the top college basketball teams in the country can be found in this region. What about North Carolina? Is it all sunshine and rainbows? North Carolina has its issues, just like every other state. Some places are having a hard time at the moment. We used the data from RoadSnacks and came up with 5 of the worst places to live in North Carolina. Check them out below:

Top 5: Roxboro

The economy of Roxboro is in serious trouble. Due to the community's high poverty rate, high crime rate, and housing and educational issues, it ranks number 5 on the list of North Carolina's worst hometowns. 12.1% of the population is unemployed, while median incomes are only $31,427. The community thus faces poverty rates of 34.4%. Crime rates in the city are more than double the national average. However, Roxboro isn't entirely dreary. It is situated in the north-central part of the state and serves as a cultural hub.

Top 4: Reidsville

Just south of the Virginia border in the north-central part of the state, Reidsville is a mid-sized town with 13,915 residents. It received a significant economic boost from the tobacco industry once. As a result, economic turmoil occurred in the 1990s when that revenue stream dried up. Reidsville ranks number 4 among North Carolina's least attractive cities at this point.

There are 9.5% unemployed and a median income of $32,339 due to the economic dislocation. In addition, other civic services have been undermined. The crime rate is about 190% higher than the national average, and the educational system is below average.

Top 3: Monroe

Monroe, about 40 minutes from Charlotte, can be viewed as an outer suburb of the city. Even so, the town is among the least beautiful places in North Carolina.

Sluggish economic conditions plague the community. Monroe has begun to experience some of the problems of the big cities (such as crime). Approximately 35,105 residents live in the region, where the unemployment rate is 8.6%, and the median income is $51,754. There are 164,000 homes for sale in the city at the moment.

Monroe is still a great place to live. You'll also find a vineyard (among other amenities). Besides its beautiful county courthouse, the town also boasts a charming clock tower.

Top 2: Lexington

North Carolina's capital city, Lexington, is located among several major urban centers. A drive of about an hour takes you to Charlotte, North Carolina. You can get to Winston-Salem by going a half-hour north. It still ranks as North Carolina's second least desirable place to live, despite not having a beautiful location.

A lack of opportunities hampers the town. There is only a $29,938 median income, and the unemployment rate is 11.0%. There are also high crime rates and poor schools in the area.

Top 1: Wadesboro

Wadesboro, located in the southernmost corner of North Carolina, is primarily rural. Charlotte, the nearest big city, requires more than an hour of driving. Wadesboro is ranked as the state's worst hometown due to a lack of economic opportunity, the main strike against the community.

Economy statistics indicate struggles. With an unemployment rate of 15.3% and a poverty rate of 32.3%, Wadesboro suffers significantly. $26,680 is the median income in the area. As a result of this financial structure, the school system is troubled, and high crime rates are high.

Five thousand and thirty-five residents of Wadesboro are not in the dark. There are numerous historical points of interest in the town and a quaint downtown.

If you're looking for areas with the worst economic conditions, where the crime rate is higher than average, and there aren't many activities available, this is the list for you. In the end, Wadesboro will remain the worst city to live in North Carolina in 2021. The following are the worst places to avoid in North Carolina if you are planning a visit there.








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