5 of the Worst Places to Live in Nebraska

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There are some great places to live in Nebraska and places that do not offer a good quality of life. Towns and cities each have their positives and negatives, and those with more negative points tend to be undesirable. Crime rates, unemployment statistics, poor school performance, and a lack of leisure and entertainment options are a few factors people consider when deciding whether a place is an excellent place to live. If a site is ranked poorly, it is considered to be an unattractive place to live. As a result, HomeSnacks has rated Nebraska's five worst places to live.

Top 5: Omaha

Located in Nebraska, Omaha is the state's largest city. In addition, it faces its share of challenges, notably safety. This is mainly due to Omaha's high crime rate, which is more than 70% higher than the national average. Omaha's negative aspects far outweigh its positive aspects. There is a meager unemployment rate of 4.3% and a median income of $60,092 in the city. Affordability, affordability, and quality of living are also important factors. In addition, there are plenty of amenities in the town, including the Joslyn Art Museum and Durham Museum.

Top 4: Plattsmouth

According to its liveability ranking, Nebraska's Plattsmouth is the fourth worst city. The reason for this can be found in the following reasons. Raymond Chandler, a writer of crime novels, grew up in Plattsmouth. I think anyone who writes like Stephen King and creates characters like Philip Marlowe should be able to make it work. It may not be that bad. The eastern Nebraska town of Plattsmouth, located about an hour south of Omaha, has a lack of diversity and questionable housing.

Additionally, the schools in the area are not up to expectations. Five out of ten Great Schools score poorly. Apart from being located near the Missouri River and the Iowa border, Plattsmouth offers many other attractions. Among these areas is the Schilling Wildlife Management Area.

Top 3:Scottsbluff

Among Nebraska's most dangerous places, Scottsbluff ranks 3rd. Property crimes occur here every year on a 1 in 34.0 basis. Would you be able to imagine that? Nebraska has the highest unemployment rate and the second-lowest income level among all states. There is a lot of criminal activity in a small town in Nebraska. In terms of income, Nebraska has the second-lowest status of payment and the highest unemployment rate in any state. Cheyenne is 90 miles away from you if you want to do something fun.

Top 2:Grand Island

There is no island in Grand Island. It's an island of a city in the middle of a vast prairie, a 51,147-person community in the middle of a largely rural state. As a landlocked state, Grand Island is also isolated from the rest of Nebraska. It isn't for that reason it makes this list, though. A questionable school system and an insufficient housing stock make it the second-worst area in Nebraska. There is also a crime problem, increasing crime by 20% compared to national averages. Grand Island, however, also receives plenty of attention. Each year, the Nebraska State Fair is held in this city, in the state's middle.

Top 1: Crete

On the Greek island of Crete, the mythical minotaur has its home. How does Nebraska's version compare? As impressive as nothing else. Names along railroad lines were alphabetized for towns along the line. Though some differences exist, for example, Doane University is based in Omaha. Its poverty rate, which is 26.1%, mainly puts this community on this list. With a 5.3% unemployment rate and a median income of $45,7117, this isn't all that surprising. In addition, the community suffers from poor schools. In Great Schools, most nearby institutions score less than 6/10.

What do you think? Do you agree with these rankings?

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