5 Worst Places To Live In Minnesota

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A beautiful landscape, lakes, friendly people, and hockey make Minnesota one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Minnesota has excellent conditions and is full of friendly people and lovely things. This is, for the most part, the case. There are no perfect places on earth. Minnesota's towns and cities have a seedy underbelly to all that niceness. It's essential to know about a few things before you pack up and move to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. To stay wealthy, safe, and have a career to look forward to, you will need to look deeper and uncover the truth. A third party can undertake the work of completing your homework. HomeSnacks collected and analyzed crime statistics, unemployment figures, and evidence gathered in Massachusetts' most prominent cities and towns. When deciding where to retire in Minnesota, consider these 5 cities carefully.

Top 5:West St. Paul

Although West St. Paul is called the City of St. Paul, it is located south of the larger metro area. Located across the Mississippi River from downtown, it is approximately 10 minutes away. There are many criminals in the area, and the economy is sluggish, making it one of Minnesota's least attractive places. There are many issues with the economy of West St. Paul. Among the unemployed, 6.3% live below the poverty line, and 13.4% live below the national median income. It was reported that the median income was $56,097. Nearly 2000% more crimes occur in this community than nationwide, posing a significant safety concern. Although there are downsides to West St. Paul, it has a great deal to offer. You can find a lot of amenities here, as well as an excellent location. Several scenic areas along the nearby river are also available, including Thompson County Park.

Top 4: Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis suburb to the northwest of the city center, offers a strong housing market, a highly diverse population, and convenient access to amenities. Educating the populace and reducing crime cannot be accomplished through this method alone. As a result of these results, Brooklyn Center ranks fourth-worst in Minnesota. Crime rates are 70 percent higher in this region compared to the national average. The schools in the area are also below par, with no school achieving higher than a 5/10. This area has a relatively strong economy since about 59,550 people are living there. The median home price in Colorado is $172,800, but residents must stretch those funds to buy a home.

Top 3: Little Virginia

There is nothing like a big hug right now for Little Virginia, Minnesota. Among the cities in the state, the city ranks 25th for crime, income levels, home values, and unemployment rates. Duluth is about an hour's drive north of Virginia, whose population has declined 5% in the last decade. Among the famous winemakers born in Virginia is Robert Mondavi. The town has been dealing with a lot of sour grapes lately, unfortunately. However, Virginia's public schools are among the top-rated in terms of student support and spending.

Top 2: Bemidji

Bemidji is located at the intersection of Highway 2 and Highway 71. Moreover, according to the FBI database, the crime rate in the city is the 2nd highest per capita in the state. One in 12.7 residents in Bemidji was robbed in 2020. For example, a person with 300 Facebook friends might have 25 friends who were victims of a property crime, such as a home robbery, car break-in, or a stolen wallet. The town of Bemidji also faces severe unemployment (6.3%) and income problems ($32,193).

Top 1: Waite Park

Having the most crime per capita in Minnesota is weird for a tiny city like Waite Park. Its most serious problem is property crime, which affects the city as a whole. There were 119,000 reported thefts here in 2021, a shocking 1 in 12.9. It doesn't get much higher than that in the United States. There is a great deal of detail here, and we admit that some numbers might be skewed. Do you think that's enjoyable if you live in an area where people are stealing from stores and breaking into cars all the time? Everything else, except household income and home values, is average. If you go there, make sure you lock your doors. There's simply no safety in that area.

What are your thoughts? Did anything surprise you? Your comments would be greatly appreciated!


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