5 Worst Places to Live in Georgia

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Every state in the nation has desirable and undesirable places to live. Despite Georgia's tremendous and horrible cities, it's not a different story from anywhere else in the United States. Regardless of where you reside, there are indicators to watch for that indicate that life for residents in a particular area is not so good. There are various factors involved in these decisions, such as the safety level and crime rates in a room and the activities and amenities available. A high standard of living is unlikely to be achieved in areas with high unemployment, low property values, and incomes that are below the average. Taking all of these factors into consideration, here are the 5 worst places to live in Georgia.

Top 5. Moultrie

14,069 people are living in Moultrie; the economy is the most critical concern for residents. Fort Moultrie, things are not looking good. Among the state's and country's lowest home values are those in this city, where the median income is $27,129. This region suffers from a lot of poverty. The problems Moultrie has are pretty different, however. Crime is an issue in the city. Crimes against property and violent crimes are ranked 50th and 66th, respectively. It would be best if you avoided it.

Top 4. Monroe

A little over 13,000 people live in Monroe, which is Georgia's worst place to live. A cotton producer in the early 1900s, Monroe is located one hour east of Atlanta. Since then, everything has gone downhill. After years of economic growth, the city now has one of the lowest median household incomes in the state. The jobless rate - at 11.5% percent - is high for those making good money. In Monroe, the problem isn't only money - there is a high rate of property crime; the chance of becoming a victim is one in 38. As for the schools, they're substandard. In case you need more reasons for Monroe to make a list, look to the sky. The weather in the city is among the worst in the state. There was an EF-3 tornado in 2020 that caused extensive damage to the area, with winds up to 140 mph. It isn't a fascinating place, there aren't many jobs, the weather is often lacking, and it is easy to have one's car stolen or broken into.

Top 3. Clarkston

Our next stop has a similar story. Georgia, Clarkston. There are 12,750 residents in the city. Despite its size - it is only 1.1 square miles - this small city is indeed mighty. Living in such an area would be a nightmare. Let's take a look back twenty years. Clarkston offered an excellent alternative to Atlanta for those looking to live outside the city limits while working from Atlanta. Public transportation and major highways are within walking distance of the hotel. Is diversity something you can mention? There is a history of it in Clarkston. Clarkston was identified as an ideal location for refugee asylum programs in the United States during the 1990s. Around 2000, more than 50 countries sent students to our local high school! In modern-day Oklahoma, the unemployment rate is 10.2%, we have underfunded schools, and property values are well below state averages. Considering you're just 20 miles out of Atlanta, an affordable home costs $122,900. There is also the issue of crime in this area. Property crimes are committed here about 1 in 34 times a year.

Top 2.Forest Park

We'll make our way to Forest Park, a picturesque city with a population of 19,723 people located about nine miles south of Atlanta, as the next stop on our tour of Georgia's worst places. What was the purpose of making a list? Violent crimes are 90 percent higher in Forest Park than in the United States as a whole. In this area, crime happens 1 in 20 times. The problem is not limited to just this type of offense. In terms of income, this city is 33rd in the country. The good news is that Forest Park ranks last when it comes to home values, so you won't need much money to live here. Besides, you can't do much shopping here unless you count the three Family Dollar stores within a four-mile radius, which isn't much fun. Although the schools in this town are reasonable, it is almost the only positive thing about it.

Top 1. Camilla

After traveling about 200 miles south, we reach our next destination - Camilla, Georgia, which comes in at number 1. About 5,000 people live in this teeny tiny city. However, do not take this as a false sense of security. Per capita, there are 13 more crimes here than anywhere else in the state. Could you explain exactly what this means? Living here increases your odds of having your belongings taken by 1 in 24. Camilla's problems don't end with a crime. The unemployment rate in the city is exceptionally high, and the average salary for those who find jobs is $34,143 a year. No one wants to live there. There has been a population decline of around 8 percent just since the decade ended.

Which of these cities is your home? What are your thoughts on this ranking? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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