5 Worst Places to Live in Delaware

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Delaware. The first state. The 2nd smallest state. Country and city life are both possible here: country and city life. Those of you from Delaware think it's the best-kept secret in the country, where you've got Philly wannabes on one side and country chicks on the contrary. What about your neighborhood? Is everything alright? The minor areas of Delaware are just as attractive as their larger counterparts. According to science and data, Delaware has five of the worst places to live in a business-centric state. You can live in these five places if Delaware is your home.

Top 5. Bear

The economy of Bear is sink-or-swim. Despite being at an elevated level of 9.3%, the unemployment rate is still high. In addition, the local median income for those who are employed is $72,192.

Bear finds itself at number 5 on the list of most challenging communities in Delaware because of its mixed financial situation. The high cost of living is part of this, which is 10% above the national average. Located a 45-minute drive to the northeast, Philadelphia, a city with a median home value of $209,700, is also a significant neighbor to Bear as it serves as a suburb.

Top 4. Milford

In the central part of the state, Milford lies along the Mispillion River. It will only take you 15 minutes to drive to Slaughter Beach, where you can enjoy the sun. Milford's economy is also pretty strong, as opposed to many towns on this list. The city has a high median income of $47,824 and an unemployment rate of 4.4%. Milford ranks among the worst places in Delaware; why is that? Expenses of living and crime, short answer. It is estimated that the area has a 130% higher crime rate than the national average. Despite having 11111 residents, many Milford residents struggle to provide for their families. The poverty rate stands at 14.1%

Top 3. Kent Acres

Only ten minutes away from the state's capital, Kent Acres is located in the south. There are many amenities available in this area and a pleasant commute for the 2,519 residents of the town. Unfortunately, this comes with a downside. Kent Acres is the third-worst place to settle in Delaware due to its weak economy and high cost of living.

Although the region's economy isn't good, it isn't hopeless. At a 5.6% unemployment rate, the median income in the population is $44,750. Yet many locals have trouble getting by. In the United States, poverty incidence is 21.7%, and housing costs are relatively high.

Top 2. Laurel

As one of Delaware's most crime-ridden cities, Laurel has a high crime rate. If you live in Laurel, you're not surprised to hear this. The likelihood of committing a property crime here is 1 in 18.6 every year, such as a car break-in or home invasion. The thefts include black license plates, cell phones, and laptops.

Moreover, the FBI reported 62 violent crimes in just one year. The likelihood of being raped or attacked is one in 67 if you live there for a year.

In addition, this area has some of the lowest incomes in Delaware. At $37,857 a household, that's not enough to get by for these Slower Lowers.

Top 1. Seaford

The sea isn't close to Seaford. As a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, it's located in the southwest section of Delaware. Seaford has more than just a confusing name; the town has other, more significant problems. (The city is named after Seaford, England.) 7.7% of its workforce is unemployed. At the same time, crime happens at 175% greater frequency than in the country. There are benefits to life in Seaford. Still, want to catch a glimpse of water? Nanticoke River Walk allows you to stroll along the river.

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