This are the Worst Places to Live in Arkansas

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If you are relocating from another place or moving to Arkansas for the first time, it would be helpful to conduct thorough research. Living in certain areas is better than living in others because of their differences. Despite the high demand for some sites, there are others to avoid. Following are five of the worst places to live in Arkansas so you can get a better sense of the kind of place you don't want to be.

Top 5: West Memphis

West Memphis, with over 25,000 people, is the worst place to live in Arkansas. These two factors make this city an unattractive place to live. Crime rates there make it the third most dangerous city in the state. West Memphis' unemployment rate is 10.9 percent, which makes it the fifth-worst in Arkansas. Furthermore, its median house value is the 12th worst in the nation, although the household income is somewhat higher.

In most cases, booming metropolitan areas with abundant employment opportunities are associated with larger populations. No matter what, West Memphis will share your sorrows with you. The site has a dismal 9.9% unemployment rate, which is probably part of why there are so many people on food stamps. Furthermore, the city's violent crime rate is the second-highest in the state.

Top 4: Camden

It is consistently ranked as one of the top five least desirable places to live in Arkansas over the last couple of years. As the 13th highest city in crime rate, crime is considered a significant issue in the city. A further problem is unemployment, with 7% of residents unemployed. Camden stands out for its staggering poverty rate of 31.4% of its residents. Despite Camden's low median house value, the city has the third-highest median income in the state, at $128,900. A staggering 31.8% of the city's population is below the poverty line at 31.8%. One cannot possibly wrap one's mind around such a figure. Also, 9.2 percent of our residents receive food stamps.

Top 3: Helena-West Helena

It is difficult for its 11,000 residents to find employment in Helena-West Helena due to the lack of employment opportunities. The state's unemployment rate is 12.2 percent, which makes it the second-worst in the country. The area's poor economy has resulted in significantly below-average incomes and house values. In Helena-West Helena, violent crime ranks fourth, and property crime ranks 14th, respectively. Even those who have jobs are not better off than the unemployed. Households in this area earn only $22,177 on average. There might be a connection between 20.0% of adult dropouts and this tragic figure. That's not good. We hope this city can one day regain some of its former glory as a place known for its blues community.

Top 2: Blytheville

Blytheville ranks fifth in Arkansas for violent crime and property crime. If you live in this city, you have a one in 17.1 chance of being robbed. There are other reasons why Blytheville is an unattractive place to live besides crime. Currently, it has a 10.2 percent unemployment rate, which is the sixth-highest in the state. Moreover, household incomes barely exceed poverty levels. Aside from that, its median house price is the ninth-lowest in the state. One hundred nine violent crimes were committed in the 2019 data year. Ten of them were crimes of murder, which is the real shocker. It may be that people who manage to survive this city do well. That is its only redeeming quality. Several famous people have lived there, including some big names. Akers coaches football.

Top 1: Osceola

Due to Osceola's higher median household income, the city is not ranked as highly as most other cities. A 12.5% unemployment rate exists despite the high median household income. Combined, crime rates in Osceola are among the highest in the nation.

Which of these places do you call home? How do you feel about the statistics? Let us know in the comments below!

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