5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Kansas

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When we think of Kansas, our minds are blue skies, green pastures, and other beautiful views. These are not just the thing that Kansas offers, and it has an abundance of delicious seafood supply surprisingly despite having no body of water around it. They bring in seafood on a daily basis from around the country to make sure the customers are served with fresh seafood whether it's Shrimp, oysters, lobsters, or any other item of your choosing.

Kansas has some of the best seafood restaurants that you must try, so here is a list we have devised for you to check out the five best seafood restaurants in Kansas.

1. The Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill, Manhattan, Kansas

The Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in Kansas. The restaurant uses fresh seafood and ingredients. Who would have thought that pairing a New Yorker and a kid from Kansas will create one of the best seafood restaurants in the state of Kansas? They are taking traditional recipes and using their expert seafood culinary skills to makes something genuinely amazing. The seafood menu consists of some truly delicious items which are masterfully done.

2. The Bristol Seafood Grill, Leawood, Kansas

The Bristol Seafood Grill restaurant in Leawood is in Town Center is best known for its delicious seafood. The popular dishes from the menu include ahi, salmon, lobster, shrimp, sea bass, crab, trout, swordfish, and all the fantastic sides that come with your seafood. The restaurant also has an efficient and hospitable staff. Other than the food, they have a vibrant vibe and a very relaxing and calm atmosphere. This place is the best to enjoy dining with your friends and family on the weekend

3. La Isla Mexican Seafood Restaurant, Wichita, Kansas

This restaurant is a refreshing edition because you will get to try a Mexican take on seafood and know how delicious their food is. La Isla Mexican Seafood Restaurant in Wichita serves some of the most amazing Mexican seafood dishes prepared with fresh seafood and authentic ingredients. Mexican food is the rage in today’s food industry because they are so flavorful. We all know how delicious Mexican food is and if we combine that with seafood, what we get is some of the best seafood in Kansas. This place is recommended for you to have a refreshing experience, and the food is worth it.

4. Newport Grill, Overland Park, Kansas

The Newport Grill restaurant in Overland Park serves its guests the freshest seafood. They do that by keeping their stock fresh by using only the day’s catch while preparing meals. The Newport Grill restaurant is famous for treating its guests to the freshest seafood, juiciest steaks, and signature cocktails. This restaurant is recommended for seafood lovers, and you must not miss out on this fantastic seafood eatery.

5. Jumpin’ Catfish, Olathe, Kansas

Jumpin’ Catfish is a seafood restaurant in Olathe, Kansas. The restaurant is best for casual dining where you can hang out with friends and at the same time enjoy their food that make you feel at home. The restaurant, as obvious from its name, is popular for its catfish and has excellent shrimp. Other than this, you must try some of their classics like Gator bites, gumbo, jambalaya, fried or boiled crawfish, jambalaya, red beans, and rice. This place is recommended for having a good time with your loved one while enjoying some of the best seafood that you can have in Kansas.

Kansas has some of the best seafood restaurants in the country, and we recommend you to put Kansas on your list the next time you go on a vacation.

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