5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Connecticut

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The state is named after the Connecticut River. It is the southernmost state in the New England region of the United States. A 2010 Census suggests that Connecticut has the highest per-capita income, the second-highest level of human development behind Massachusetts, and the highest median household income in the United States.

Connecticut has a long coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, the Connecticut River, the Thames River, and the many ports along Long Island Sound. Due to this, some of the best restaurants in the state are seafood restaurants, and you will find seafood here in abundance. This place is a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Here is a list of the top 5 seafood restaurants in Connecticut that must not be missed.

1. Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough

Abbott’s Lobster is among the best seafood restaurants in Connecticut. This restaurant is best suited for casual dining with friends, family, or someone special over the weekend. They have a cozy vibe and a relaxed atmosphere, making them perfect for hanging out and enjoy delicious seafood. It is no surprise that Abbott tops the list quite often. The restaurant doesn’t compromise on quality, and their ingredients are as fresh as they come. There are no reservations needed, so you grab something from the menu and enjoy the food. You must not miss out on the menu’s stars, including steamed mussels and an Abbott’s special steamed lobster.

2. Harbor Lights

Harbor Lights is located by the waterside at Norwalk, and Harbor Lights is this fancy restaurant that serves some of the most amazing dishes. The dishes are made from some of the freshest fish and seafood. The restaurant doesn’t compromise on quality, and its ingredients are fresh. Aside from food, they have ample seating area, and the place has high ceilings and huge windows, due to which the site has a light and airy atmosphere. Moreover, they have some of the most incredible water views that you can enjoy with your delicious food. The idea enhances the whole dining experience. Their dishes are served uniquely and creatively that is pleasing to the eyes. The variety of food they offer is surprising, and you will love this place if you are a food lover.

3. Shell & Bones Oyster Bar & Grill

Shell & Bones Oyster Bar & Grill is located on the waterfront of New Haven. This restaurant has made its name by serving its customers fresh and high-quality seafood. Shell & Bones Oyster Bar & Grill surprisingly serves a variety of fish and seafood dishes. This place has a vibrant ambiance, and the dinner at this place is a formal event because of the refined dining style with food served in a fancy manner. The brunch here is somewhat casual and relaxing. It is not the delicious food that people love, but it also has some of the most amazing views that make the dining experience incredible.

4. S & P Oyster Company

S & P Oyster Company restaurant is located in Mystic, the restaurant is a fancy one, and it’s a little expensive, so it better to visit it on a special occasion. They are known for their oysters, as their name suggests, but they have other dishes you must try. The pan-seared scallops must not be missed upon. The plates are served in a fancy style that is appealing to the eye. The menu is full of delicious seafood options, but there are options other than the seafood on the menu. They even have vegan and gluten-free menus. They have a large variety of wine collection that you can choose from and pair it up with an item from the menu. This place is perfect for relaxing, and there is a river next to the Mystic River restaurant.

5. U.S.S. Chowder Pot IV

U.S.S. Chowder Pot IV is one of the best seafood restaurants in Connecticut. This is a family-owned restaurant that has become famous for its chowder and bisque, and it is gaining more popularity cross-state. The restaurant has a wooden bar, wood-paneled walls, and dimmed lighting to create a warm and welcoming vibe with a comfortable atmosphere.

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