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3 Movies that were filmed in Lewisville

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Lewisville, one of the most beautiful suburbs of Texas, and the city was initially called Holford’s Prairie.

The city is home to nearly one hundred thousand residents by making it the thirty-third most populous city in the state of Texas.

JPMorgan Chase, Lewisville Independent School District are the main employers in the city with a major contribution to the city's economy.

The city and the Lewisville River have provided great locations for many movies. A few of them are listed below.

Saving the Tin Man (2017)

A drama written and directed by Zane Tabari.

A movie based on faith and the respect of people towards God and the story revolves around four different families that question god in a small town of Texas.

Max Mansur, a young man who is suffering from heart failure and is in need of a heart transplant but he hasn't found a match yet. His father is in a state of mind where he wonders why this has happened to his son.

Emily Kilgore, a mother with three kids and her husband is in jail. She tries her best to look after her kids while struggling with anxiety and depression. She also wonders why she has to put up with all the struggles alone while her husband is in jail for four years.

The town's pastor struggles between his personal life and the work in his Resurrection Church.

Max's best friend keeps having faith in God for the speedy recovery of his friend. These four different people with different perspectives on life get together to save the Tin man's life. Do you think they will be able to achieve their goal?

Filming location

Lewisville, Texas, USA

Pros and Cons: A Fantasy Football Movie (2013)

A comedy-drama written by Scott Ross and directed by Bryant Hicks.

Jack Snow, a huge fantasy and professional football fan who also used to play fantasy football. Lisa Snow, Jack's wife who had forced him to stop playing anymore as they have a son and a family to look after. As Jack desperately needs to play and win an upcoming fantasy football game, one of his friends named Steve-O convinces Jack to play only one more game. Jack agrees and decides to hide that he is playing from his wife and son. As per the rules, he must win the championship of the league to win a cash prize worth sixty thousand dollars. Do you think he will be able to win the championship?

Filming locations

Pier 121, Lewisville, Texas, USA

Addison, Texas, USA

Let There Be Zombies (2014)

A horror adventure comedy written and directed by Andrew Patterson.

Drew, a young woman who works as a teacher but she lacks the basic skills of a teacher which is the ability to control her students in the class, and She even gets bullied by one of her own students. The school principal tries his best to get the situation under control but that doesn't work as well.

Suddenly, a zombie apocalypse occurs in the state of Texas and she runs away from the state to a sanctuary where she could overcome her lacking survival skills. Drew always tends to escape from her problems and that never works as it is just like escaping from zombies as they always will find the person who escapes. Drew realizes that she needs to find the courage to stand fr her problems on her own. Do you think this nerdy girl could do it?

Filming locations

Lewisville, Texas, USA

Neon Days (2019), Hell of a Night (2019), R.O.T.O.R (1987), Truth or Fiction (2011) Part Girl (2014) are some of the other movies that have been filmed in this city. Do share with us if you know more…






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