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4 Movies that were filmed in Largo

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Largo is the third-largest city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States as well as the fourth largest in the Tampa Bay area. During the 2010 census, the city had a population of 77,648. Largo is a sister city to Tosayamada Kochi, Japan. In 2017, Largo was named a National Arbor Day Tree City for the 28th year in a row and is the only city in Tampa Bay that is Sterling Tree City.

Because of its central location and rich farmlands, Largo quickly became the center of the area’s citrus industry, earning the title “Citrus City.”

Some movies that were filmed in this city are mentioned below.

Infamous (2020):

This crime-romance drama is written and directed by Joshua Caldwell. This movie has the tagline of “Viral fame is a dangerous game.” The story is about two young lovers who post their robbings on social media gaining fame.

Living a normal life in a small town was never Arielle’s (Played by Bella Thorne) dream. She hated working at a diner. She has always wanted to live a life filled with fame, popularity, admiration. Soon she falls in love with a young criminal named Dean who is on parole. Arielle drags him back into a life of danger, learning that posting their criminal exploits on social media is an easy way to viral fame. They embark on this dangerous adventure together that leads to robbery and increase their fame and the rising number of followers. Heading to Hollywood, the City of Stars, they will realize what it takes to become famous and have to decide if this dangerous lifestyle is really worth it.

Filming Locations:

Key Largo, Florida

Miami, Florida

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Chickasha, Oklahoma

Celebrity Crush (2019):

This thriller movie “Celebrity Crush” is written by Oliver Robins and Jeff Rubin (additional writing by) and it is directed by Oliver Robins. The story revolves around the life of a delusional fan who imprisons the star of an 80’s horror movie with the hope of making him fall in love with her.

When the B horror movie “CHAIN-FACE CLOWN” was released in 1985, no one knew the film would one day become a classic. The film’s biggest fan, 29-year-old Emily Lynessa always knew she was going to meet and fall in love with Jonathan Blaklee, the mid-40s, the star of “CHAIN-FACE CLOWN.” For Emily, Jonathan is the perfect soulmate. She has idolized him, and the film, ever since she can remember. She seduces him and lures him back to her where she imprisoned him in the hopes to make him fall in love with her. He is being held at an abandoned shed on the rural home’s property. Jonathan now must find a way to find an escape.

Filming Locations:

Largo, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida

Clearwater, Florida

Agoraphobia (2015):

This horror-mystery thriller movie is written and directed by Lou Simon. “Agoraphobia” has the tagline of, “She thought she was safe inside.” This movie was nominated for one award which it also won (Freaky Award). The story revolves around an Agoraphobic who inherits her father’s house in a remote part of the Florida Keys. When weird things start happening, she discovers that there’s something far more terrifying trapped inside the house with her.

Filming Locations:

Key Largo, Florida

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami, Florida

License to Kill (1989):

This action-adventure thriller is written by Michael G. Wilson, Richard Maibaum, and Ian Fleming (characters) and it is directed by John Glen. This movie was also nominated for one award (Edgar Allen Poe Award). After capturing a drug lord, Felix Leiter is left for dead and his wife is murdered. James Bond goes rogue and seeks vengeance on those responsible, as he infiltrates an organization posing as a hitman.

James Bond is on one of his most brutal missions yet. Bond’s good friend, Felix Leiter, is left near death, by drug baron Franz Sanchez. Bond plans to seek revenge and becomes more dangerous than ever. Bond gains the aid of one of Leiter’s friends. Will Bond ever be able to keep his identity secret or will he show his true identity.

Filming Locations:

Largo, Florida

Florida Keys, Florida

Guerrero, Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico

Westminster, London

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