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4 Movies that were filmed in West Palm Beach

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West Palm Beach is a city in the county seat of Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. It is located immediately to the west of the adjacent Palm Beach, which is situated on a barrier island across the Lake Worth Lagoon. It was home to an estimated 6,158,824 people in 2017.

West Palm Beach is known for its upscale boutiques and irresistible beaches. Palm Beach has long been a favorite Florida gateway for vacationers from all over the world. Florida’s largest waterfront music festival is also present at West Palm Beach.

Some of the movies filmed in this city are mentioned below.

The Awakening (2019):

This romance thriller movie is written by Rashard Martin and it is directed by Rashard Martin and Wally Aime. This is the first full-length film that Rashard Martin has made. Before this, he has only made one short film called Potential (2013). It has a tagline of “You are your worst enemy.”

This movie is about dramatic and epic tales of people finding out that they have been lied to their entire lives, until now. This film is a very honest, raw portrayal of addiction and its impact on the characters’ life. This movie is considered to be very authentic and the story will obviously resonate with you.

Filming Locations:

West Palm Beach, Florida

The Comedian III (2016):

This comedy, drama, romance with the tagline “Nobody’s a bargain” is written by Art Linson (screenplay and story by), Jeffrey Ross (screenplay by), and Richard LaGravenese (screenplay by), and it is directed by Taylor Hackford. This movie reflects the life of an aging insult comic named Jack Burke.

This movie is about Jackie (Played by Robert DeNiro), who is a comic icon, attempting to reinvent himself despite his audience only wanting to know him as a television character that he played earlier in his life. After grabbing an audience member out of anger, Jackie is sentenced to community service where he meets Harmony Schiltz (Played by Leslie Mann). This movie also won the Hollywood Film Award “Comedy of the Year.”

Filming Locations:

West Palm Beach, Florida

Boynton Beach, Florida

Delray Beach, Florida

New York, USA

Parker (2013):

This movie is written by John J. McLaughlin (screenplay) and Donald E. Westlake (Novel “Flashfire”) and it is directed by Taylor Hackford. It has a tagline of “To get away clean, you have to play dirty.” The story revolves around a thief with a unique style who is betrayed by his crew members. He plans to take revenge and shake hands with a woman from inside and to hijack the score of the crew’s latest heist.

Parker is a thief with certain morals. He does not steal from poor or hurt innocent people. After some time he is asked to join four other guys in his team and he agrees. They pull off a heist flawlessly and succeed. The other guys also plan another heist which they can only pull off if all the money from the previous heist is used. Since Parker does not want to be a part of this new heist so he asks for his share. The boys need all of the money and betray Parker. They try to kill him and dump his body away. Someone finds him and takes him to the hospital where he is treated and soon discharged. Once Parker leaves the hospital he sets off to take his revenge followed by another woman Leslie Rogers, who follows Parker since she finds him intriguing.

Filming Locations:

West Palm Beach, Florida

Columbus, Ohio

Girls Gone Dead (2012):

This movie is written by Ryan Dee (story), Michael Hoffman Jr. (story and screenplay), and Meghan Jones (screenplay) and it is directed by Michael Hoffman Jr. and Aaron T. Wells. This comedy horror movie has a tagline of “Just when you thought it was safe to go topless…” It revolves around the tragic life of a group of six ex-high school cheerleaders who are stalked by a killer with a medieval war hammer and battle-ax during their first spring break from college.

When Rebecca is set to spend her first spring break home from college with the high school cheerleading friends, all hell breaks loose. They rent an apartment in the Florida coastal town of Manatee Creek. Soon they realize that their vacation is about to take a horrific turn. During their “Crazy Girls Unlimited,” an uninvited guest appears with a hammer and one by one the party-goers start disappearing.

Filming Locations:

West Palm Beach, Florida

Jupiter, Florida

Jensen Beach, Florida

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