5 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Florida

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Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. A good meal to start the day can uplift your mood for the rest of the day. And what better way to start your day than having breakfast at the best restaurants in your city?

If you are wondering what best places are to go to have the first bite of your day, let me save you a lot of research, listed below are the 5 top-rated breakfast places in Florida, that are sure to leave you happy.

5. 1928 Cuban Bistro, Jacksonville

If you are in Jacksonville and looking for the best breakfast place, the 1928 Cuban Bistro is just the place to go. This place offers you authentic Cuban food, and much more. If you are an avid coffee lover like me, then you will be happy to know that their coffee menu has a good variety and they have just the right kick of everything. This little café has a chic, modern, Miami feel and very comfortable. The staff is very polite, kind, and welcoming. These all make for a perfect breakfast experience.

Lastly, 1928 Cuban Bistro’s quality food and excellent service will leave you satisfied. This is just what you need to start your morning.

4. Sun Garden Cafe, Sarasota

Sun Garden Cafe is just the most adorable and cute place you can find in Sarasota with amazing food. They have traditional American food, which tastes amazing. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The food is delicious and you will love every bit of it. Their side of potatoes is an absolute must-try if you’re visiting it for the first time. With their great service and scrumptious breakfast food, this cafe is a total gem.

One thing I can say with certainty about this adorable cafe is that once you visit it, you will come back for the amazing experience and unparalleled food that you get here.

3. Craft & Common, Orlando

In the beautiful city of Orlando, you can find Craft & Common, a lovely breakfast place in a welcoming neighborhood place. They serve coffee, craft beer, cocktails, and food. They offer a good variety of coffee and this place is a favorite of many coffee lovers. Starting from the decor to the food, it just couldn’t be more perfect! Whether to sit and work, take cute Instagram pictures in their beautiful cafe, or just for a great breakfast – it is the perfect place. Their staff is attentive and kind.

Craft & Common serves you quality food, with attractive decor and a laid-back atmosphere to work at. Also, do take some cute photos in their beautiful café!

2. La Grignote, Key West

La Grignote, situated in Key West, is an artisan French Bakery Cafe Bistro. Besides their bakery goods, they offer a full breakfast menu. Their food quality and taste are truly unmatched. Their French toast is quite famous, which takes a four-day process to make. The proportion is just right, with the mouthful of flavor. The staff is very kind, welcoming, and helpful.

If you’re out in Key West looking for a place with excellent service and top-quality food, look no further. Try La Grignote, I am certain you will be more than pleased.

1. B Bistro + Bakery, Miami

B Bistro + Bakery is a real gem. It is the best place for breakfast that you can find in the beautiful city of Miami. It is a locally-owned business that serves unique cuisine and outstanding guest service. The food quality is excellent and the food is just divine! It is extremely delicious, filling, and tasty. Their guava pancake has earned popularity for its exquisite taste. Their service is prompt and the staff is very polite and helpful. The food alone is good enough to make you want to come back a second time. They have set the bar so high for all the breakfast/ brunch places, it’s astonishing. This is a must-try if you are in Miami.

Here you have it, the best places to have breakfast in all of Florida. I am certain that these places are worth the visit and you will have an extremely pleasant experience in these breakfast places.

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