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Alabama has been the setting for several famous TV series! These three renowned TV series were recorded right in the deep south. So grab some popcorn, cozy up and the couch, and settle in for a rewatch or even a first-time glimpse of these best TV series filmed in Alabama.

Here are the best TV series set in Alabama:

Hart of Dixie (TV Series 2011–2015)

Hart of Dixie is the story of Zoe, who gets jealous when she sees Wade with another woman and decides to set up a date with Ruby's cousin. Meanwhile, Lavon reluctantly allows Lemon to be his campaign manager; Brick and Magnolia struggle with chores and try to get Lemon to move back. Having just graduated from medical school, Zoe Hart works tirelessly to improve her skills as a doctor. But during her residency in New York, Zoe doesn't get the fellowship Zoe wants. Zoe is told she needs to treat her patients as people instead and is advised to work as a GP. A doctor from Alabama saw her at her graduation and asked her to join his practice. He is sending her letters asking her to join his practice. However, when she arrives, she discovers that the man died and bequeathed his approach to her. His partner was hoping to be the only doctor in town, so he is not welcoming her with open arms, and the man's daughter is rude to her. Zoe is about to leave when she learns why the man was interested in her and decides to stick it out.

Filming location:

  • Alabama, USA

Cowboy Alabama (TV Series 2016–2020)

Cowboy Alabama is INSP's original TV series filmed in Alabama. The Cowboy Way paves the way for real-life cowboy adventures. The three modern-day cowboys - Bubba, Cody, and Booger - herd cattle, break horses, and till fields in south Alabama to build their businesses. With these buddies in the Deep South, the Old West and the Deep South meet, and they both live by a Cowboy Code as significant to them now as it was to the Old West's tamers. Working hard, playing hard, and relying on one another is their way of life. The animals they have chosen to live with and their families are both their loves. Their days may not be easy, but these three friends wouldn't have it any other way.

Filming location:

  • Alabama, USA

Any Day Now (TV Series 1998–2002)

Any Day Now talks about two friends, one black and one white recall their friendship in the past when they reunite in the present.

Mary Elizabeth, an outgoing white girl, and Rene, a shy black girl, become close friends as they grow up in 1960s Alabama. However, their friendship ends when Mary Elizabeth gets pregnant, and Rene doesn't support her decision to keep the child and marry her boyfriend. 20years later, Mary Elizabeth is still living in Alabama with her husband as they struggle to make ends meet, and Rene is a successful attorney working in Washington. After her father's death, Rene moves back to her old hometown and catches up with Mary Elizabeth. As they resume their old friendship, they reminisce about ancient times and the events after their parting.

Filming locations:

  • Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  • Alabama, USA

Bonus: Here are more TV series filmed in Alabama:

  • Bug Spoon (2015– )
  • Big Shrimpin' (2011– )
  • Two-A-Days: Hoover High (2006–2007)
  • The First 48 (2004– )
  • Rick & Bubba: The TV Show (1995–1996)

Have you watched any of these series? If not, it is not too late to binge-watch them now!


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