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3 movies that were filmed in Pasadena

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With magnificent natural beauty and a city with preserved ecosystems, Pasadena makes a great place for tourists as well as its residents.

With a population of 149,043, the city makes the seventeenth most populous city in the State of Texas. The city has been named after Pasadena city in California due to the similarities in vegetation. The city's economy is mainly based on the healthcare and petroleum industries.

Due to its uniqueness and beauty, several movies have been filmed in this city and a few of them are listed below;

In a Madman's World (2017)

A biography written and directed by Josh Vargas.

The film is based on Elmer Wayne Henley's life where he was involved in one of America's worst murders series where he killed more than twenty-eight young men with Dean Arnold Corll who is a well-known serial killer and David Brooks from 1970 to 1973.

Elmer was just 17 years old when he was involved in these murders as well as sexual assaults. However, after having a conflict with Dean Croll he also shoots and kills Corll in 1973.

The murders that Elmer and others were involved in are known as Houston Mass Murders and the case was named as "the deadliest case of serial murders in American History". The movie shows how cruelly they have tortured and murdered the young men. Also, the actor who plays Elmer Wayne is wearing real clothes of Elmer's where he has worn them during the murders. The places where the actual killings happened are also shown in the movie.

Filming location:

Houston, Texas, USA

Pasadena, Texas, USA

The Fabb Four (2008)

Directed by Paul Blaskowsky and the writers of this comedy are Paul Blaskowsky, Joe Cole, and Dick Sugarek.

Paul Blaskowsky, Joe Cole, Snake, and OB Won are four foosball players from the small petrochemical town of Pasadena, Texas. These "hustlers" work hard for recognition from the local foosball authorities and they are expecting to represent the state in national foosball tournaments. The movie shows the struggles they overcome and their determination on the journey as athletes. Do you think this group of young men will be able to achieve their goals?

Filming location:

Pasadena, Texas, USA

Rush (1991)

Directed by Lili Fini Zanuck, written by Kim Wozencraft and Peter Dexter.

Jim Raynor is a narcotic cop who has completed several projects successfully and he is being ready for the next one which is to arrest a major drug dealer named Gaines and his gang. Raynor chooses Kristen Cates, an inexperienced good looking narcotics cop, as his assistant in this project. While they are on their mission, they fall in love with each other. At first, they start to consume drugs to see what happens but later they get addicted eventually as one of the movie's taglines says 'somewhere between the buy and the high, they forgot they were cops'.

The movie is said to be based on a true story and the movie talks about how dangerous and sensitive an addiction could be.

Even after they become drug addicts, they don't give up their mission. As they were not able to collect enough shreds of evidence against Gaines and also they are forced to submit false evidence at the court.

Filming location:

City of Pasadena Courthouse, Pasadena, Texas, USA

Houston, Texas, USA

Urban cowboy (1980), A taste of killing (1992), Frankenstein's Monster (2014), Sweet Thing (1999) are some of the other movies that were filmed in this beautiful city. Do you know more? Do let us know...


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